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Under Construction (the Blog, and the Girl)

2014 November 3
by Cordelia
closed sign

CCIQ is taking a brief hiatus. Here’s why.

PSA for Freelancers: Are You Looking Out for Yourself?

2014 October 1
by Cordelia
save yourself

Loosing a client with no notice can be devastating for a freelancer’s bottom line. Here’s how to shore yourself up to weather a sudden loss.

That Awkward In-Between Place

2014 September 22
awkard in-between place

Going from point A to point B is uncomfortable for a while. But you have to go through the icky transitional phase in order to realize any real change.

You Can’t Change Stupid. You Can Only Counteract It.

2014 September 15
by Cordelia

When you come upon this kind of horribleness, you have two choices: engage, or try to add something better to the world.

5 Signs You’re on the Way to Burnout City (and How to Escape If You’re Already There)

2014 September 8

If you notice any of these warning signs creeping into your periphery, take heed — you’re on the way to Burnout City. Here’s how to escape.

QUIT: The Entrepreneurial Rat Race

2014 September 1
money grab

It’s time to start maximizing the meaning in my hours rather than the billable rate they command.

You Are Not Crazy For Wanting More

2014 August 25
joyous bike

You are not crazy for wanting more than a bottom-line, lather-rinse-repeat life. Here’s why.

Sometimes You Need to Go into Energy Saver Mode

2014 August 18
grocery fail

Sometimes you face a full system shutdown. And the only way to get yourself up and running again is to set yourself to limited capacity.

15 Easy Ways to Guarantee Your Life Goes Nowhere

2014 August 11

In search of a mediocre, totally “meh” life? It’s super-easy. Here’s how to get one…

Your Guide to Calling It Quits (because there are better things to do with your life)

2014 August 4
ebook cover

We all allow crap and nonsense into our lives, and we all deserve better. I’d like to tell you how to take things from “meh” to freakin’ awesome.