27 Reasons Why You Might Fail & 2 Reasons Why You WILL

Why You Might Fail

  • You don’t have the time.
  • You don’t have the talent.
  • You don’t have the energy.
  • You don’t have the experience.
  • You don’t have the money.
  • People think you will.
  • You’re not strong enough.
  • You’re not smart enough.
  • You’re not creative enough.
  • Your fortune cookie horoscope advised against it.
  • No one cares what you have to say.
  • No one’s done it before.
  • Not one’s done it that way before.
  • It’s not the way things are done.
  • Someone once laughed at it.
  • Other people would probably do it better.
  • Your dog looked confused when you explained it to him.
  • It’s too silly.
  • It’s too naïve.
  • It’s too ambitious.
  • You’ll never make a living off of it.
  • You’ll miss way too much TV.
  • The experts say it won’t work.
  • The prototype didn’t work.
  • It’s Monday.
  • You’re a nobody.
  • You’re not sure.


Why You WILL Fail

  • You give up on trying.
  • You never try to begin with.


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