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A Smooth-Voiced Radio Personality (and Me) (my interview at Paid to Play)

2012 November 19
by Cordelia

When Rob Farquhar over at The Blog of Living Curiously contacted me about being interviewed for his Paid to Play podcast, I was honored.  Then I listened to some of the other podcasts he’d done, and I was completely and utterly intimidated.

This guy was clearly born for voice work.  He sounds like the pro-est of pro radio personalities, smooth and professional and soothing, with a delightful Aussie accent to boot.  Suddenly I was petrified that I was going to come across as a schmuck.

Luckily, Rob is the nicest, easiest-going person ever​, with a great sense of humor.  He made me feel right at home, and I feel confidently un-schmucky enough to share the podcast with you here.

So, check out my visit to the Paid to Play podcast, where we chat about blogging, following your dreams, and how to make a push to change things even if you feel it’s “too late”:


Paid to Play Episode 15: Kelly Gurnett, Cordelia Calls It Quits


Then check out some of the rest of Rob’s blog, because he’ll be providing his very own Reader Quit later on this week!


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