Are You Playing Chicken With Your Dreams?

I’ve done it.

You’ve done it.

We’ve all done it.

It isn’t anything to be ashamed of (at first). You just have to make sure you don’t let it go on for too long.

What am I talking about? Playing chicken with your dreams. You know what I mean.

Wanting to. Planning to. Talking about how you will…

But not doing.

There are plenty of reasons why holding out a little longer or taking things slow can make sense. But only for so long.

Because at some point, you’ve just gotta jump.


Why We Punk Out on Our Dreams

Sometimes you need to dance up to an idea, give it a once over, then dance away to size it up from a safer distance. Sometimes you’re not where you need to be to commit just yet.

Sometimes it’s wise to “wait till a better time.” (Note the word “better” — there is no “perfect” time.)

Sometimes you need to take the safe route (because it’s better for your dream, not because you’re scared to do otherwise).

But eventually?

Eventually, shit’s gotta get real. (Tweet, tweet!)


Don’t Be the Dumb Girl in the Romcom

Your dream can be a patient little bugger. Like that guy (or girl) you ignore pointedly for years who still insists on being super-nice to you, until one day you realize, “Holy Moses, this person is actually The One for me! I can’t believe I never saw it before. Thank god they stuck around even though I was being such a poohead!”

Dreams are willing to give you a little leeway to flake out, to freak out, to go through the normal “can I will I maybe do you think so?” debates we all have over the things we want so much we’re kind of scared of them. Just like that ever-patient hero in the romcom who has faith his beloved will eventually realize he’s the man of her dreams.

But you know what? Life isn’t a rom com. No movie studio has money riding on the fulfilling “everything turns out right” ending that will make the audience happy. It’s all up to you.

Don’t putz around long enough that the perfect guy or girl realizes they deserve better and moves on.

Don’t play “will I/won’t I” with your dream long enough that the answer eventually becomes “I didn’t.”

You can give yourself a little time, and that’s fine. That’s understandable. Dreams are big, scary things sometimes.

But they also have an expiration date. It may never be too late to go after your dream, but it is possible to hem and haw about it for so long that it never actually happens.

Your dream won’t wait forever. So what are you going to do about that?

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  • Cordelia’s Mom


  • Why yes, yes I am playing chicken with my dreams. At least, with several of them.

    Funny this post should pop up today. Just last night I set a date with myself for this evening to try another approach to something I’ve been trying to get myself to tackle for a long time. We’ll see if it works this time around!

    • The universe works in funny ways, doesn’t it? I was thinking of another post to run this day, but for some reason this one called to me, so up it went. Maybe that’s because it was meant to call to YOU!

      • It totally does. I’m glad you ran this post instead. It reinforced my determination to start on my new project (again) last night. 🙂

  • I used to play chicken with my dreams until I realized that the only thing scarier than not going after my dreams is living with the regret of never trying. Like you said, our dreams won’t wait forever, so we might as well do the damn thing now.

    One of my favorite quotes is “A year from now, you’ll wish that you started today.” I remember that quote whenever I think about dragging my feet and punking out on my dream.

    • “The only thing scarier than not going after my dreams is living with the regret of never trying.”


  • Search Marketer

    I do agree with this. It’s okay but don’t do it too often or you won’t have anything done. Do many people do this?