C’mon, Be a Quitter! (All the Cool Kids Are Doing It.)

If you’ve been inspired to quit something, have been thinking about quitting something, have succeeded in quitting something, and you’d like to share it with us, I’d (we’d) love to hear about it.

Let’s inspire each other.

Let’s boast about our triumphs.

Let’s be a community of Quitters. Because everything is better with cohorts.

If you’re interested in submitting your own Reader Quit post, here are a few tips and FYIs to keep in mind:


Reader Quit Guidelines

1.  You can’t do a Quit that’s already been done before, by me or by another guest poster. (Sorry.) For the list of what’s been done already, see here.

2.  It can be something you have quit or something you’re resolving to quit.

3. Nothing is too big or small, too silly or too solemn. All I ask is that you mean it, whatever it is.

4. Your post should include: What you’re quitting, why you’re quitting, how you’re quitting, and…that’s pretty much it. Beyond that is up to you. It’s your Quit, baby. Tell us about it howsoever you want.

5. Basic guidelines: Please divide your post up into subsections with headings to make it easier for people to follow. Please include a bio of 2-3 lines (feel free to link to your blog, Twitter, etc.), as well as a pic of your lovely (or handsome!) self. You have the right to choose a pic for the post itself, too; should you waive this right, a pic will be provided for you courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons and moi.

5. Be open to the possibility of edits, but I promise I’ll be nice about it. I’m an editor. With editor’s OCD. So be prepared for some comma correction and grammatical polishing, if needed. But anything related to content will not be changed without me first checking with you. I may suggest places to rewrite or expand where I feel they’re needed — not to be a meanie, but because I want your Quit to be the best it possibly can be. As aforesaid, the Quit is yours (baby), so I won’t try to cramp your style.

6. Along those lines, be yourself! If you’re snarky, be snarky. If you invent words sometimes that aren’t technically words, don’t hold that in (editorial junkie though I am, I can appreciate creative license). Whatever your jive, let it shine. This isn’t just a chance to share each other’s Quits; it’s a chance to get to know each other as a community.

And that’s about it.  Please send your submissions to kelly@cordeliacallsitquits.com — I can’t wait to read them!

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  • Andrea

    Ohhh how fun, I’m going to consider sending you a submission. Can’t wait to see what people are going to quit 🙂

    • Please do! I think we’re going to get some really different and interesting posts from people, and I’d love to see yours!

  • Lindsey Morningstar

    I was just talking to a friend about wanting to start changing my interactions with friends, so I’m definitely going to write something up for you. Hopefully, having it in writing will help me actually do it! I work for a journal as an editorial assistant so I know what you mean about punctuation dreams.

    • Awesome, can’t wait to read it!

      You’re so right about having your resolutions in writing. My Quits are partially a declaration to myself, and partially a way of keeping myself accountable. Once I know it’s out and there a bunch of people are expecting me to do it, it kind of keeps me from wimping out on myself.

  • Being an editor myself, I totally get entirely too excited when I see copy errors in other publications, knowing full well that karma will kick my ass and let a few slip into my own.

    Anyway, I have to think about this one, but if I get a flash of genius I would love to submit (or, if I get a flash of mediocrity that accidentally gets submitted.) Thanks for the opportunity, as it’s an honor just to be nominated with millions of other people!

    • I’d love a post from you! No Abby post would be mediocre. And although you were nominate en mass, I have to say that secretly you were one of the people I was really hoping would volunteer. 🙂

  • I want to do a quit! I know just the one (if it hasn’t been done already). I will email you about it.

    ~Your NaNoWriYear buddy 

    • Fantastic! Can’t wait to see what it is! (Is it quitting your NaNoWriYear buddy, because I hear she’s been awfully slack.) 😛

  • Ollin

     Aww, what a nice thing to say to your readers. I’m sure the feeling is mutual! I’m not sure if I’m thinking of quitting anytime soon. But I’ll let you know. Fascinating idea.

    • No rush. I’m thinking it’ll be an ongoing series, so no worries if you don’t have an idea right now.

  • So how would I know which ones are being done, to highlight your first point? Of course, I quit my job but that one sounds the most cliche of all. So you’re looking for something more like quitting smoking, quitting heroin, or quitting sex, right? hehe 🙂

    • Feel free to email me at kelly@cordeliacallsitquits.com to check if any of your ideas are currently “in the works” by other readers.

      We haven’t had anyone do a “quit my job” post yet, and to be fair, I think I could probably accept a bunch of those ones because everyone has their own story of why and how they quit. If you wanted to do that one, I’d be happy to read a draft of it. Otherwise, more specific quits are always welcome, be they smoking, heroine, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, you name it. 😀

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