Don’t Leave Your Poor Pup Home Alone All Day (Review of DogVacay’s New Daycare Service)

It’s no secret that I heart DogVacay. I reviewed their service last summer and was a huge fan, both of the overall site and of the host the husband and I found to take care of our pups. Which is why we were were more than happy to test DogVacay’s newest service, Daycare, when we were invited.

DogVacay is an online community that connects you with great pet sitters in your area so you don’t have to leave your furbabies at a sad, lonely kennel while you’re away. You can search for pet sitters nearby, read reviews, book stays and pay online. Hosts watch your pup in their own home and treat them like a member of the family. (You can find dog sitters with or without their own pets, depending on what your pets are comfortable with.) And — what I really love — all DogVacay reservations include free pet insurance, 24/7 customer support and daily photo “pup”dates so you can enjoy your time away knowing your pets are in great hands.

While typical DogVacay stays are overnight boardings, this new Daycare service is geared towards those who want make sure their pup is cared for while they’re at work, school or away from home during the day. No more separation anxiety, loneliness, boredom or barking and destruction; instead, your pup can enjoy exercise, pets from loving humans and socialization with other dogs. And at an average cost of just $20/day, it’s a pretty sweet deal.


My (or Should I Say, My Dogs’) Experience with Daycare

Since we’re not allowed to have our foster dogs watched by anyone outside of our foster organization, our two resident pups, JJ and Scrappy, were scheduled for another visit with Danielle. They were up for the assignment; after half a dozen foster dogs coming in and out of our house since last summer, I’m sure they were more than happy to have some solo TLC time.

We chose Danielle the first around because she was a vet tech who also fostered and had rave reviews on her host page, and we loved her so much we didn’t hesitate to book her again for a Daycare visit. While we went about our weekend errands, did some yardwork and then went to a family dinner, JJ and Scrappy enjoyed some quiet time away from all the foster-mania and also got to take an awesome walk at a nearby park.

J and Scrap are now seniors and spend the majority of their hours — whether we’re home or away — napping on various pieces of furniture. (Technically, J’s been a senior since birth as that’s always been her preferred m.o.) So for them, the day with Danielle was a special treat, but not necessarily something they’d need on a regular basis. But for others, I can see how this service would be a wonderful way to keep the dog you love happy and healthy while you attend to the other responsibilities in your life.

Some dogs just don’t do as well being left home alone as others. For young puppies, overly energetic breeds and dogs suffering from separation anxiety, being left for 4, 6, or 8+ hours a day can be traumatic. Even in the best-case scenario, it’s an awfully boring time for an animal that’s social by nature and craves mental, emotional and physical stimulation.

Mocha 1Take our current foster, Mocha (pictured at right). Mocha is super-smart and loving and an all-around wonderful dog… for a family like us that works from home and only goes out for a few hours on the weekends. He’s got serious, medication-level separation anxiety that warrants his being kept in a heavy-duty crate that looks like an armored car without the wheels. If we owned a dog like Mocha (which we totally would, if being a “foster failure” wouldn’t mean we’d lose the space in our house to foster future dogs) and we ever needed to be away from home for an entire day, I would without hesitation book him a Daycare visit. Regular Daycare visits are also a great way for a family where both people do work 9-to-5s to own a wonderful dog like Mocha without having to put him through the suffering of being left alone for 40 hours a week.

So all in all, I say “yay!” for DogVacay’s new Daycare service. As would JJ and Scrappy, if they had the ability to verbalize (tail wags and happy, panting smiles indicated the doggie equivalent of a “yay!”).


Want to Try Out Daycare for Your Dog?

If you hate leaving your furbaby home alone all day, DogVacay has been awesome enough to provide CCIQ readers with a special promo code to try out their new service for yourself.

Just head here and enter the code “BESTDAYEVER” on checkout to get a FREE day of DogVacay Daycare for your pup!

(Obligatory legal disclaimer: This is a sponsored post with affiliate links. However, if you know CCIQ at all, you know I hardly make my living from sponsored posts—I only endorse things I’d wholeheartedly endorse with or without sponsorship. End disclaimer.)

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  • Cordelia’s Mom

    Good timing. I may need to send Cody elsewhere when the new bathroom is put in – my boss is bitching about giving me the required vacation time (but that’s a whole ‘nother story). I’ll definitely consider using that promo code and lining something up.