#MiniVacay, Take Me Away! (My Review of DogVacay)

(Obligatory legal disclaimer: This is a sponsored post with affiliate links. However, if you know CCIQ at all, you know I hardly make my living from sponsored posts—this is likely the first review you’ve seen me do, and that’s because I only endorse things I’d wholeheartedly endorse with or without sponsorship. End disclaimer.)


I’ve been flying under the radar this summer, reposting some of my favorite archive posts as I work behind the scenes to recharge after a year of hustling that left me a little a lot burnt around the edges.

Part of that recharging involves getting back to the things I love but have been sadly neglecting—including my love for all things puppy-related. Yesterday, we got our very first foster dog through the SPCA’s New Leash on Life program, which focuses specifically on dogs who have a hard time adapting to the chaos of a shelter and need some special TLC in a home setting. Charlie is settling in nicely, despite the fact that I keep making annoying Candy Mountain references in his general direction. And just this past weekend, we treated our resident pups with a little pre-foster-sibling play date courtesy of an awesome service called DogVacay.

DogVacay is a website and app that connects you with great pet sitters in your area so you don’t have to leave your furbabies at a sad, lonely kennel while you’re away. You can search for pet sitters nearby, read reviews, book stays and pay online. Hosts watch your pup in their own home and treat him like a member of the family. (You can find dog sitters with or without their own pets, depending on what your pets are comfortable with.) And—what I really loved—all DogVacay reservations include free pet insurance, 24/7 customer support and daily photo “pup”dates so you can enjoy your time away knowing your pets are in great hands. It’s like Airbnb for dogs!

Like I said, I don’t usually do sponsored posts, but when I was offered the chance at a free Mini Vacay for me and my puppers, I couldn’t say no—especially because the hubby and I were in dire need of some fun time before the new addition arrived.

Our Mini Vacay

Since our anniversary is coming up soon, we decided to celebrate early with a day on the town while our pups enjoyed some special love and attention just for them before their home was invaded by a brand new brother.

After scoping out several potential sitters on DogVacay, we landed on Danielle, a vet tech who also participates in dog fostering and had rave reviews. We dropped our pups off with her Saturday morning and had a lovely date day, including dinner and a movie without the worries of rushing home to give the dogs a bathroom break.

Our girls had never been away from home for any period of time, so I was naturally a little anxious about how they’d feel being abandoned with a stranger, but I don’t think they even noticed we were gone. Danielle had us take a quick walk with one of her dogs when we got there so everyone could get to know each other, and we received adorable messages throughout the day showing us what our pups were up to. (Apparently, lounging around like happy couch potatoes just like they do at home, so you can tell they felt comfortable.)

Here’s a look at how pups and persons enjoyed the day:

While the hubby and I were having a nice meal with drinks…


Cosmo shotRyan food - thumbs up


…The pups were taking it easy. (Scrappy can be a brat to photograph head-on, as you can see.)

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We then went to see a shameless summer blockbuster (that’s a nostril from the Planet of the Apes movie poster behind us, because apparently I suck at photos)…


movie pic


While the dogs continued their R&R:


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And when we returned home, the hubby enjoyed one of his personal favorite points of the day: a lovely moment of walking in the door without the dogs barking madly like they’d been locked up for days:


walkin' in the door


And when it was time for the play date to end, Danielle was awesome enough to offer to bring our pets to us since she lives really close by and she was heading out anyway. (JJ and her dog got excited, thinking it was walk time. Scrappy, again, played “I’m too cool to look at the camera.”)


CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v80), default quality


A lovely day was had by all! I would absolutely recommend DogVacay to anyone looking for a place for their pups to stay while they’re away. It’s so nice knowing now that the next time we need to leave ours for a while, there’s someone right in our neighborhood who will take good care of them.

Want to Snag Your Own Vacay?

If you (and your furbabies) are in need of a little R&R, DogVacay was awesome enough to provide CCIQ readers with a special promo code to try out the service for yourself.

Just head here and enter the code “CORDELIA” to get $10 off your first DogVacay booking.

JJ and Scrappy give it two paws up. 🙂

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  • Cordelia’s Mom

    Sounds great. Think she could handle Puppy Cody, the little devil dog?

    • If anyone could, she probably could. You could always arrange for a meet and greet beforehand so you could get a feel for her.

  • I’m not an animal person at all, but this is such a great idea! Glad you took some time out for yourself, m’lady. Well deserved !