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EBookWriMo: It’s On, Baby! (Did You Really Doubt?)

2012 November 1
by Cordelia

“Do you really have to ask? I notice your list of cons is much shorter than your list of pros. You know you’re going to write that ebook no matter what anyone else thinks, and that’s the way it should be.” ~Cordelia’s Mom


As my mother so wisely pointed out in her response to my last post, I pretty much knew I was going to wind up deciding in favor of EBookWriMo, but it was good to get some feedback nonetheless as I made 100% sure it was something I really want to try and not just another freak challenge I’d decided to take on in a moment of over-ambitious enthusiasm.

(Side note:  Most endeavors I undertake, including this blog and my freelance business, are freak challenges I decided to take on in a moment of over-ambitious enthusiasm.)

So, it’s looking like EBookWriMo is going down.  Like, starting today.

Here is the schedule:

  • Nov. 1-2:  Pick my topic.  (Already done!  Score one for being ahead of the game!)
  • Nov. 3-4:  Create an outline.  (One already started from back when this idea first began kicking around in my head.  Score two!)
  • Nov. 5-25:  Write, write, and write some more.  In my panda hat.  Because that is how it originated.  (30 minutes a day, which is totally doable as I just let go of a freelance project that was not paying me what my time is really worth.)
  • Nov. 26-28:  Redraft.  (Must not do this step while writing.  This will be nearly impossible for me as I am the quintessential edit-while-writing type of writer.)
  • Nov. 29-30:  Make final changes.  (I will of course continue to fuss with the book long after this as it’s going to be an actual paid product, but this is the point at which the first draft at least will be officially done, and I will celebrate with much bourbon and probably a very, very long nap.  (Like, a-whole-Saturday-length nap.))


Quick Question for My Dear Readers

If you would have any interest in an ebook workingly titled “The Hustler’s Handbook: How to Stay Motivated, Stay Productive, and Stay Sane While Leading the Day Job/Dream Job Double Life,” I would love your input to make sure I create the kind of guide that will help you the most.

So, whether you’re a side hustler, a full-time hustler, or a wannabe hustler, I’d love to hear from you in the comments:  What topics/issues would you like me to address in this book?  What should I be sure goes on the outline on days 3-4?  What would you find the most maddeningly, awesomely useful to know?

Cast your vote in the comments, say a little prayer for me, and away we go!

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  • Keisha Douglas

    Yay! I’m doing it too. Though I’m still tossing around a topic.

    For your ebook: 1. Ways to calm yourself whenever you are freaking out about not having enough freelance work or making enough money.
    2. How to know if freelancing is for you.
    Hope that helps!

    • Rob F.

      Oh, yeah. I second #1!

    • Cordelia

      I also love #1! I had #2 on my outline already but wouldn’t have thought about #1 initially–and it is SUCH a big concern, especially when you start to make freelancing a major part of your income. Thanks for the awesome suggestion, Keisha!

    • Cordelia

      P.S. Let me know your topic when you settle on one! I’d love to know!

  • Rob F.

    It’s odd: The stuff I tend to get the most enthusiastic about is usually the stuff I lose interest in the most quickly.

    Or maybe I just confuse “enthusiasm” with “crushing.”

    But good luck, Cordelia! Looks like you’ve got a solid game plan there! :)

    • Cordelia

      Thanks, Rob. Yeah, I “crush” on plenty of ideas, but luckily for me, the ideas never stick around long enough to actually take action on. The ones I jump at foolishly are usually ones that have been brooding in my mind for a while, so at least I know they have sticking power!

      Those are all brilliant topics I never would have thought of. Am swiping them now to put on my outline!

  • Liz Rejman, CFRE

    I’m a wanna be hustler, so I have a LOT of questions, but the biggest one is how to approach your current employer about your freelance goals, especially when the freelance work is similar or the same as what you are doing in your day job and may be perceived as a conflict of interest.

  • Alexis Grant

    Love that you’re doing an ebook this month! Can’t wait to hear about it.

    I think this is a great topic, too. (Although I’d get rid of the second two “stay” words in your title and just go with the first one, if that makes sense.) People love practical advice — what can they do to take the next steps as a hustler? How do you slowly work toward working for yourself full time? And how do you get started?

    Can’t wait to read it!