The Only Freelance Productivity Guide You’ll Ever Need (post at Be a Freelance Blogger)

These days, I have time for some pretty awesome things.

I’m showered and changed into real clothes by lunch time.

I take my dogs for a walk each day and do this crazy workout challenge.

I belong to a book club, and every month, I actually have time to read the book we’re discussing.

And I’m still keeping the bills paid. Not by a wide margin, but by enough.

It wasn’t always like this.

In fact, my first 2 years of freelancing full-time looked a lot more like this. Then I slowly learned some tricks to help me reach that elusive “work-life balance” everyone is always yammering on about, and I (even more slowly) got my shit together and started to put these tricks into action.

Now my life is more life-ish, and I like it that way.

If you’re a freelancer and would like a more life-ish life yourself, check out my first post on the latest site I’m writing for (cue fanfare): Sophie Lizard’s Be a Freelance Blogger!


Freelance Blogging Productivity: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need

I’ve long admired Sophie for her awesome work in the freelance blogging sphere and am super-stoked to be a part of her team. While you’re over there, check out the rest of her resources; this gal knows her stuff! And if you like what you’re reading or have any comments to add, please do so over on the BAFB site to show Sophie some love. See you over there!

Image: Matt Gibson / Flickr


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