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I believe every person has a voice and an important message to share.

I believe anyone can start up a free blog, followed only by their mom and their best friend, and strategically develop it into something that makes people stand up and take notice. (I speak from experience.)

I believe the blogosphere is a powerful tool that starts movements, changes lives and connects kickass revolutionaries in a life-changing way.

And I believe that every blog deserves the chance to be a part of that.

Are you ready to take your blog from “meh” to Freakin’ Awesome?

I’ve done a lot of blogging. Here’s how I can help:


Blog Writing

  • If you have a multi-writer blog and need a new voice to spice things up and fill out the editorial calendar.
  • If you couldn’t tell which of your current writers wrote a post if your life depended on it.
  • If you need a kickass, call-to-action post or series of posts to get your readers off their tails and storming the streets.

Starting at $100 / post

I currently contribute a wide range of blogs.  I can suit my voice to fit your audience and topic, while still bringing the same sass and originality that keeps CCIQ on its toes.  If your blog needs a little kick in the pants, I’m your panda-hatted girl.

Praise for Blog Writing:

“I knew when I brought Kelly on that her voice would have a major impact on my audience. In just a few short weeks, subscribers increased, we had more engagement than ever, and traffic was through the roof! In fact, I had to upgrade my server in order to handle all the positive things Kelly brought to my brand. I highly recommend her for any of your guest contributor needs.”

~Amanda Abella of Grad Meets World


“Kelly is a unique and enthusiastic voice for the DIY Writing community. She provides advice that is both to-the-point and fun to read for beginning bloggers, and she stimulates discussion with readers with creative energy and a vital spirit to her writing. I look forward to her contributions each month and to many more to come! I recommend Kelly’s work to anyone looking to spice up their blog with a smart, unique flair.”

~Dana Sitar of A Writer’s Bucket List


“Kelly has been a staff writer on my personal finance blog, My Personal Finance Journey, since October of 2012. In that time, she has never once missed a deadline of delivery on her agreed quota of 2 posts per month. She is very good at communicating ahead of time what topic she is considering writing about to prevent duplicating content already on my site. She also is a very good at responding and interacting with blog readers once comments are posted. Lastly, she has a very good ability to put creative spins on personal finance content to make it more engaging and interesting to read. I would highly recommend her services a writer.”

~Jacob Irwin of My Personal Finance Journey


Ghost Blogging

  • If  you’re a small business with a blog but without the writing chops to make it pop.  (It’s o.k.  We all have different talents.)
  • If you’ve got a personal blog and can’t keep on top of your posting schedule any more.
  • If you know what you want to say but don’t know how to say it in a way that makes people stop and take notice.

Starting at $100 / post

I’ve ghost-blogged for several small- to mid-size companies.  I can work from topics you provide, take outlines you create and turn them into something fierce, and also help generate ideas that will keep your readers engaged and intrigued.

Praise for Ghost Blogging:

Huge fan of Kelly’s writing style and humorit sucks me in every time!  So naturally when I needed a good writer for a project in the works, I did my best to snag her as fast as I could. 🙂  It’s hard to find people who actually care and ENJOY what they do, and Kelly fits the mold perfectly.  (Actually, she breaks the mold!)  I’d recommend her time and time again.

~J. Money of Budgets Are Sexy


Blog Management/Editing

  • If you need someone to take care of all the back-end minutia of daily blog management, letting you sit back and focus on other aspects of your business.
  • If you need help with the nuts and bolts of keeping a blog running (formatting and inputting posts, managing an editorial schedule, WordPress upkeep, etc.).
  • If you need a keen editorial eye to make sure your posts are the best they can be, both content-wise and nitpicky detail-wise.  (Big and small picture, I’ll make sure it shines.)
  • If you have several staff writers and need someone to oversee and coordinate post submissions, review drafts, revise pieces, etc.
  • If you need help driving content strategy and reader engagement.

Starting at $2,500 – $5,000 / month, depending on your needs

As Editor-in-Chief of All Things Career’s host of sites,  as well as former Assistant Editor of Brazen Careerist, I’ve done all this and more, freeing up the site owners and giving them peace of mind in knowing all the details are in order so they can focus on their bigger pictures.

Praise for Blog Management/Editing:

“From day one at Career Attraction, Kelly took the reigns as Managing Editor (she’s now Editor-in-Chief) and began getting results. She completely designed and manages our editorial process. She has a knack for anticipating problems, identifying opportunities, and taking action on both. Her contributions are too numerous to list, and her role is constantly expanding. Bottom line: Kelly’s ability to deliver has freed me up to focus on larger strategic issues, resulting in exponential growth for our company.”

~Kevin Kermes, Founder of All Things Career


“Kelly is the best Assistant Blog Editor I could ask for. She keeps all the important pieces running behind the scenes for Brazen Life, which has helped us grow our blog traffic significantly over the last year. Best of all, Kelly makes my life easier!”

~Alexis Grant, Managing Editor of Brazen Life and Innovator-in-Chief of Socialexis



Blog Review Package

Are you struggling to define and market your blog in a way that makes it stand out above the crowd? Are you tripped up by the nuts and bolts of blogging, like keeping on schedule, engaging your audience, and building traffic? Do you know you’ve got it in you to take things to the next level, but you just don’t know HOW?

I’ve helped people from life coaches to brand strategists to writers define, refine, and ramp up the power of their blogs, and I’d love to help you, too!

The Blog Review package includes:

  • An initial questionnaire to pinpoint your vision for your blog, what you love about it and what you’re struggling with, and any and all points you want to make sure we cover during our blog review call.
  • An in-depth review by yours truly of all elements of your blog, focusing on those you specifically want help with but also making sure to cover:

o       Your voice and brand—how to define it, how to strengthen it, how to make people fall head-over-heels in love with it.

o       Your content’s kickassedness (and how to make it kickassier.)

o       Your layout, including user-friendliness and overall “wow” factor (as they say in Hollywood).

o       The state of your static pages (About, Contact, etc.).

o       Your promotional/traffic-building strategies.

o       Your current social media presence (or lack thereof).

  • A written report discussing all of the above, including strategies for improvement, concrete action steps you can start implementing, and tools and resources to check out.
  • Follow-up Q&A period. Additional questions come to mind? Stuck on something as you put your new plan into action? I’d be happy to answer them for you. Just shoot me an email (or many emails) and we’ll work through it all, no extra charge, for 30 full days after you receive your report.

$1,000 for the whole shebang


Praise for Blog Reviews:

I found Kelly through an internet search and I’m so grateful I did.  I’m a fairly new blogger and definitely NOT gifted in the details of blog technology (just want to plug and play).  Kelly did a full site review for me, gave me meaningful and user-friendly feedback and provided me with a final report that I am using as my implementation guide going forward as I build my brand, ClarityCafé.com.  In addition, I hired Kelly to more effectively capture my voice in the copy of my static pages.  She did an interview over the phone and also by questionnaire.  When I received the draft, I was thrilled!  It was 100% on point.  I set a goal this year of quadrupling my income through my coaching and consulting, and the majority of my clients are introduced to me through my blog.  I’m excited to report that Kelly’s help has me on track to meet my goal by the middle of the year—six months ahead of schedule.  I highly recommend Kelly for her personal and professional approach.  She kept me informed and delivered both on time and on budget.  And most importantly, Kelly is helping me get real, measurable results.

~Lisa Dominisse of Clarity Cafe


When I decided to take the next step and turn my blog into a business, I knew I would need some help. Kelly is the real deal. I went over everything that I wanted to change and what I hoped to accomplish. She had an answer for every single question/concern I had. From the beginning to the end, it was worth more than the dollar amount she puts on it. Kelly knows her stuff inside and out. She’s extremely personable and professional and brings more value than you could ever expect. I gained so much from this. All my original hopes and aspirations for my blog are so clear now. Every step is tangible and every dream I have is possible. If you are interested in taking your blog to the next level, then stop waiting and take some action. You’ll be glad you did.

~Kevin Cole of Perform Destiny


Interested in any of the above? Shoot me a message at and tell me what you’re looking for, and we’ll take it from there!


Image: Cory Doctorow / Flickr