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Interview on “Millennial Mavericks” Series + An Awesome Shout Out

2012 February 6

Busy Monday here on CCIQ!  Check out my two recent appearances around the interweb:


Grad Meets World’s “Millennial Mavericks” Interview

I was honored to be asked to do an interview with Amanda Abella of Grad Meets World for her “Millennial Mavericks” series.  (Even more honored once I found out who my fellow mavericks are!)  Amanda is a fellow 9-5/freelancer who writes about finding your place, following your dreams, and handling the day job/dream job double life.

You can watch us discuss life, quits, the Cordelian Philosophy, and other such things here…


Millennial Mavericks – Lifestyle Design – Kelly Gurnett from Cordelia Calls It Quits

…then be sure to check out the rest of the Maverick interviews this week—there are some really awesome people lined up.  Thanks again to Amanda for having me!


Awesome Shout Out from a Real-Life Quitter

Also, check out my girl Terra Osterling’s awesome shout out to me over on her blog Sudden.Write.Turn.  Terra has done what many of us (myself included) are dreaming of and recently quit her job, deciding it was time to take the leap and chose sanity/happiness over the security of a steady paycheck.

In this weekend’s post, she gives a rocking summary of the Calling It Quits philosophy that brought a little tear to my eye.  Check out her rallying cry here…


Quit. (or not)

…then be sure to subscribe to her posts to follow where her journey will lead her from here.  I know I’ll be tagging along (a bit jealously.)


That’s right, y’all.  Just another day of Cordelia burnin’ up the blogosphere…  :)

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  • Suddenwriteturn

    Thanks for the shout-out on my shout-out! I couldn’t have “quit” without your quitterly guidance!