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Link Love 10/7/11

2011 October 7
by Cordelia

[Every Friday, I share my favorite reads from around the blogosphere over the past week.  Enjoy!]


Your Life: Now With 33% More Reality
What would your life be like if, instead of working to avoid reality interruptions, you actively tried to encourage them? What would the world look like to you if you took the chance to look at it from a different angle?

What would you learn? What would you want to learn? What have you always wondered about but never had the chance to explore?

Reality is only a burden when you try to avoid it to preserve your own comfort. But when you invite it into your life, you start to become more comfortable with the discomfort itself.

If you’d like to invite a little more reality into your life, here are few ideas you can use to get started.”
~Tyler Tervooren at Advanced Riskology


7 Famous People Who Found Success Starting in Their 30’s
If you’re about to turn 30 or are in your 30′s, it’s never too late to change careers or have your success….

Here are a list of famous people, who were late bloomers and didn’t find success till their 30′s.”
~Benny Hsu at Get Busy Living


The Half Step That Will Change Your Life
“You don’t need to fix everything in your life right now. You don’t even need to fix one thing.

You just need to do one little, miniscule, almost nothing thing…

Take that first step. Celebrate that first step. Love the step, not the destination. That step, even the motion of taking the first foot off the ground and moving it forward — that’s everything.”
~Leo Babauta at Zen Habits


7 Ways to Tell That You’re Not Living Your Highest Purpose in Life and 7 Tricks for Fixing That

1. You’re not waking up excited in the morning.

If you’re not excited (or at least enthusiastic) in the morning – then you’re most likely not living your highest purpose. If you’re waking up a couple of days each week with a monotonous feeling of having to do this again today – that’s probably a sign that you’re ‘off purpose.’”
~Jacob Sokol at Sensophy


Entrepreneurs + Marriage:  Possible?  Or Possibly Hopeless? **
“I’ve got big things in the works. Big, splashy marks I intend to make on the world. And I refuse to give anything less than 100%. And I have a feeling that it’s going to be that way for a long time. As D says, there is no such thing as life balance. And she’s right–not when your intentions involve throwing everything off balance.

So where do you find the bandwidth? At what point do you make space for the companionship? The intimacy? And all of the time required to even get to those places? And what must you sacrifice as a result?

This is why marriage scares me.
~Ash Ambirge at The Middle Finger Project

**Cordelia note:  I’d be very interested to hear your feedback on this one!  While I’m extremely happy to be married to my wonderful husband, I often feel like I could pay down my debt so much faster if I were on my own, could sell all my possessions and live in a box eating nothing but crackers (which, if you doubt I would actually do, means you don’t really know me that well).  But, I do love the h-band and can’t imagine being without him.  So: torn.  (Possible upcoming post on “The Married Revolutionary’s Dilemma…)

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  • Chrysta Bairre

    I’m looking forward to checking out these links!

    On the subject of marriage, I absolutely feel my husband helps me achieve my goals and my dreams. He picks up the slack by making dinner and doing the grocery shopping when I’m working hard on my blog, or have professional association business to attend to. He gives me helpful and constructive feedback on my blog posts. And with our combined income I have more resources and a secure income to fall back on if one of us were unexpectedly unemployed.

    Our relationship works great for me and I am accomplishing professional and personal goals with my husband’s support. Honestly it’s hard for me to imagine doing as much as I do without him by my side!

    Happy Friday!

    • Cordelia

      I feel the same way–sure, I could trim my budget faster if I were on my own, but I can’t imagine getting through a day now without the h-band.  (Yes, I’m a mush.)

      Happy Friday to you, too!  Hope you have some great plans for the weekend.  :)

  • Meredith

    You’re right about being able to pay down debt faster, but I’ll bet our Misters enhance our lives enough that it’s worth that extra time paying back Uncle Sam or the credit card beast. I couldn’t think of anything useful to add to Ashley Ambirge’s post, though, because everyone else did a brilliant job answering her question(s).

    • Cordelia

      “I’ll bet our Misters enhance our lives enough that it’s worth that extra time paying back Uncle Sam or the credit card beast.”

      That is a lovely way of putting it. I couldn’t put it better myself.  :)

  • Sarah Goshman

    Funny, I was recently thinking about how much easier it must be to pay off debt with a partner. Must be one of those grass is greener things.

    I definitely have similar concerns as Ash regarding marriage. I’m worried that I might have to compromise things for a husband or significant other. I’m afraid I would give up things I want or settle for a life that really doesn’t fit. I suppose all of those concerns are more about myself than the other person though, so if you’re secure and confident in your relationship – more power to you!  I’m not opposed to one if it fell into my lap, but I’m not actively seeking one for many of the reasons in Ash’s blog.

    • Cordelia

      I can totally understand your concerns.  The trick, I guess, is to find someone who’s such a good fit that you can still be yourself and follow your goals with their support,  and the few things you do have to compromise on are things you don’t mind so much.  I’d prefer to REALLY cut back on expenses and pay things down faster, but I owe my husband the consideration that he’s not uber-gungho like I am and he might like to have his cable so he can unwind at the end of the day.  Like Meredith said, the benefits I get from our relationship (support, friendship, someone to reel me in when I start to get TOO gungho) outweigh any small inconveniences like not being able to get my way all the time.

      I think when you find the right person, all those little things you think will be issues now kind of melt away into non-issues.  I’m a VERY independent and strong-willed person, and I’m amazed sometimes at how easy it is for me to compromise with the h-band.

  • eemusings

    I definitely feel I could save a lot more money if I were single. But conversely, getting around would be a lot harder (no car), I’d have nobody to plan to travel with, and life would be a lot emptier.

    • Cordelia

      Exactly.  The good outweighs the bad,  by far.