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Link Love 10/26/12

2012 October 26
by Cordelia

[Every Friday, I share my favorite reads from around the blogosphere over the past week.  Enjoy!]


The Call to Adventure
You’ve made promises before that things will be different, that you’ll start following your heart.

But promises aren’t enough. You need a push. You need a catalyst that draws a line so firm that you can never turn back. You need to make a leap and burn the bridges to the life of template following you’ve left behind.

You need to rise up and find your direction magnetically.

Suddenly, you rise out of bed, your heart beating with the rhythm of a thousand drums. You hear yourself murmuring, “Enough is enough” as you go to your desk and open a new Word document on your computer.

Your fingers begin to type furiously, passionately. And as you labor away in the dark, you can faintly hear the sound of the clock on your bedside table ticking away. Tick, tock…
~Jonathan Mead at Paid to Exist


A Brief Guide To Bravery
Most people assume “brave” people accomplish “brave” things this way:

  1. Born without fear.
  2. Do something incredible.

In reality, it usually goes something like this.

  1. Be terrified of something.
  2. Do it anyways.
  3. Be moderately less scared than the first time you do it.
  4. Repeat

~Joel Runyon at The Blog of Impossible Things

How to be a Human.
Too often, it’s too easy to hide.

Behind our tunnel vision, our emotion-devoid faces, our own insecurities, and the fear that maybe the other person isn’t going to reciprocate.

Any one can do that.

Anyone can do average.

But what’s not easy–or average, for that matter–is extending your hand to other human beings, reaching out, and saying, “Hi. You’re important to me. I see you. I hope you see me, too.”
~Ashley Ambirge at The Middle Finger Project

The truth about some.
Some beats none.

Some running always beats none.

Some writing always beats none.

Some business planning always beats none.

Some dreaming always beats none.
~Jon Acuff


Gratitude: it’s what’s for business.
It’s so easy to see only the negative in our biz: the overdue invoice, the nit-picky review, the overflowing inbox.

Do it too much and everything becomes negative. You can actually get to the point where you’re pissed that someone paid you money, because they didn’t pay enough to cover this week’s projections. (“Wow. Thanks. A hundred dollars. That’s a big help.”)

I say “Thank you”, out loud, every time someone pays me money. And I realise that it would, maybe, be a really neat idea if I said it to them, too.

It’s not just good for your soul and alla dat, it’s also really good marketing.
~Catherine Caine at Cash & Joy


There Is No End In Sight
Stop living life for the outcome.  At least not the “end” outcome.  Live life to LIVE LIFE.  To experience what this world has to offer and take from it everything you possibly can.  Just know that when you take everything you can from the world knowing there is no destination, you give it more than you could ever imagine taking.

Get out there.  Push forward.  God damnit, do something amazing.  Because, if you don’t do what you’re meant to do…who will?
~Eric Lunsford at Coffee & Warm Showers

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