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Link Love 11/30/12

2012 November 30
by Cordelia

[Every Friday, I share my favorite reads from around the blogosphere over the past week.  Enjoy!]


Do This One Thing To Guarantee That You Won’t Have A Boring Ol’ Conventional Life.
All you have to do is pinpoint the exact thing that IRRITATES THE HELL OUT OF YOU about humanity and stop doing it. Stop comparing yourself to others. Stop waiting for validation and acceptance (you won’t get it).

Start a rebellion, kiddo.
~Courtney Johnston at The Rule Breaker’s Club


Why We Don’t Start
So The Next Time…

You beat yourself up about not starting something. About being afraid. About letting an opportunity pass you by…

…remember that maybe it’s supposed to pass by so you can make room in your heart for the shit that matters. Because it’s not an iPad Mini. Or a big screen TV. Or whatever the hell else you can score at whatever percent off if you shop on Thanksgiving or get up at o’dark-thirty to wait in line for a “deal.” It’s not the rush to get the 5 pounds off your ass that you put there willingly and enthusiastically. It’s not the car you get into so you can roll up the windows and park in a space in front of a deserted strip mall bank and cry.

It’s about doing all of the things that fall outside of the parameters of our best laid plans that we couldn’t have planned in a million years.
~Erika Napoletano at Redhead Writing


Storm Down the Door of Life With a Hatchet + Some GUMPTION.
I recently posted a quote up on the TMFproject Facebook page that said:

“Would Cleopatra have become a legend if she doubted her beauty and power?”

And as I read that quote, I thought of my woman with the white floppy hat.

The one who’s only a figment of my imagination, but who is always whispering into my ear, lulling me to lean into life just a little bit more.
~Ashley Ambirge at The Middle Finger Project


What Do You Do When The Thing You Want Doesn’t Exist?
If the book you want doesn’t exist, write it.

If the song you want doesn’t exist, sing it.

If the company you want doesn’t exist, start it.

If the kind of relationship you want doesn’t exist, create it.

If the community you want doesn’t exist, lead.

If the person you want doesn’t exist, become.
~Sarah Kathleen Peck at It Starts With

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  • Liz Seda

    Great picks Cordelia! I love everyone here except Courtney whom I haven’t heard of. But I’ll check her out now. Thanks!

    • Cordelia

      Definitely check her out! Court is my girl, and she’s doing the freelancer journey just like I am, even sending out monthly “Project Moolah” reports to show readers exactly how she’s doing it. She’s a bold lady with a great voice; I know you’ll like her!