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Link Love 11/9/12

2012 November 9
by Cordelia

[Every Friday, I share my favorite reads from around the blogosphere over the past week.  Enjoy!]


Announcing: Catherine’s Second Theorem of Work Versus Rest
The Sorta-Kinda category is not, as previously theorised, a clever way to get work done while conserving energy. It has become clear that it is actually ineffectual at both tasks – getting very little work done, while also delivering very little rest.

With prolonged use, subjects have reported the following symptoms:

  • restlessness
  • agitation
  • anxiety
  • lack of creativity
  • lack of focus
  • reduced pleasure in their work
  • continual fatigue
  • difficulty in problem-solving
  • reduced ability to persevere
  • missing deadlines
  • declining work standards
  • irritation

I have experienced many of these symptoms myself. Thus, I am now experimenting with removing this category entirely. I will either work (creative labour and work included here) or I will rest (unplugging and rest included here). Sorta-Working and Sorta-Resting will be discontinued.

I will document my results in a paper to be published later.
~Catherine Caine at Cash & Joy


Are you a light switch or a thermostat?
A light switch has two settings: on or off. Frenetic or exhausted. Rich or broke. Everything or nothing. Worshipped or isolated. Bursting or starving.

A thermostat has levels: high, medium-high, medium, medium-low, low. Frenetic, energetic, relaxed, tired, exhausted. Rich, abundant, comfortable, scraping by, broke. Worshipped, admired, friendly, lonely, isolated. Bursting, full, satiated, hungry, starving.

Maybe you do it differently in different areas of your life. With money you might have two settings – say, BUY ALL THE THINGS and OMG DOOMFLAIL – but in your health you have a more nuanced outlook.

Or maybe, like me, you’re a light switch pretty much everywhere. (MADE OF PUDDING versus MOTHERFUCKING GOD OF EXERCISE, ferinstance.)
~Catherine Caine at Cash & Joy


10 Steps to Becoming a Better Writer

  • Write.
  • Write more.
  • Write even more.
  • Write even more than that.
  • Write when you don’t want to.
  • Write when you do.
  • Write when you have something to say.
  • Write when you don’t.
  • Write every day.
  • Keep writing.

~Brian Clark at Copyblogger


14+ Things Your “Client” Says That They Probably Don’t Really Mean
As a freelancer, it’s your job to figure out when the “client” is being upfront with you and when they are not. Believe me when I say that this is not always an easy task.

Well, I don’t have a lie detector for you. But I have created a list of over 14 common client statements that are likely not true. Use this list as a guideline in your client interactions and negotiations.
~Laura Spencer of WritingThoughts at Freelance Folder


21 Of The Most Useless Things I Learned In School

  1. How To Drop An Egg From The Top Of A Fire Truck So It Doesn’t Break - I made it to the final round, and to this day I cannot tell you how the hell I built that thing
  2. How To Later Care For Said Egg Like It Is A Baby - Accidentally dropping a juice box on a baby, in my experience, does not cause their outsides to shatter and their insides to goo out
  3. The Periodic Table – There has gotta be less than 1% of the population actively using that information. Those who are have a huge chart hanging on the wall for reference anyways.
  4. Only Color Inside The Lines – There is a drawing on the page for a reason. Who are you to go outside the drawing someone made for you?

~Elisa Doucette at Ophelia’s Webb


Where’s Your God Damn Pineapple?
There’s always a reason why you shouldn’t.

Shouldn’t spend the money.

Shouldn’t be so frivolous.

Shouldn’t miss work.

Shouldn’t be irresponsible.

Shouldn’t act so hastily.

And a million other reasons why you shouldn’t do what you’ve been wanting to do.

The real question, of course, isn’t whether you should or you shouldn’t.

Because when it comes to something you deeply, ferociously want–shouldn’t doesn’t exist.

The real question is:

~Ashley Ambirge at The Middle Finger Project

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