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Link Love 4/6/12

2012 April 6
by Cordelia

[Every Friday, I share my favorite reads from around the blogosphere over the past week.  Enjoy!]


Fuck Plan B.  You’re On the A Team.
If a young Rastafarian from Central America, with barely a high school education, with zero access to financial support (i.e. loans), who doesn’t even speak the same language as his customers…can build a thriving business by doing what he loves?

What the hell is your excuse?

What’s any of our excuses?

It seems to me that, in this day and age, we really can have anything we want. All the options are on the table. But on that same token, maybe having all the options in the world isn’t as ideal as we like to believe.

Now, whenever things get too rough, or too complicated, we take the easy way out–we go with Plan B. Because there’s always that option.

But what if you didn’t have another option? What if success were the only way out? What if, like Oskar, you had complete faith that the world needed your talents? Would you make it work then?
~Ash Ambirge at The Middle Finger Project


7 Ways You’re Giving Away Your Power
Power is not about intimidating others or using aggression to get what you want. It’s about knowing your worth enough to ask clearly and with confidence for what you want. Because if you don’t, the answer will almost always be “no”.
~Andrea Owen at Your Kick Ass Life


Cold Shower Therapy
Cold showers make you invincible. No lie. After your first few 5 minute face offs with the shower, nothing can stop you. Why?

The shower shows you how weak fear really is.

When you’re staring at that faucet from hell, you’re only thinking one thing – this is going suck, this is going to suck, this is going to suck. Why? Because it sucks obviously and you’re afraid it’s going to suck. But just because something sucks doesn’t mean you can’t overcome it. Just because something is hard doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Just because you’re afraid of something, doesn’t mean you have to stay afraid.

When you stare at the faucet, realize the suck is going to happen and decide to lean into it, all of a sudden you embrace the suck. Instead of running from the fear, you challenge it, dare it to beat you. If you’re crazy enough to do that, fear usually turns around and runs home pretty quickly when sees you’ve decided that you won’t lose.
~Joel Runyon at Blog of Impossible Things


37 words about writing a book.
The two sentences above are how I originally wrote this post. Then I talked with my wife about the book I was writing and she said, “Good grief. You’re writing this book like a dog pulling a sled. You’re dragging this important book behind you. You need to write this book like a dog jumping into a pool. Have fun! Otherwise, you’re going to end up with a really miserable book.”

She was right.
~Jon Acuff


To Get Ahead, Do 21 Things That Others Don’t
Many people want to get ahead.

Yet, most sit back and critique those who are successful.

They wonder how a few are able to excel where the majority struggle.

Ironically, there is no big secret. It is simple really.

Those who succeed do what other people do not.

They even do the things that other people will not.
~Craig Jarrow at Time Management Ninja


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  • Karen J

     Happy Weekend, Cordelia!
    Glad to have you back, and even gladder that you’re feeling better!!

    I just took a wander through both your Links here, and their associated blogs, and I’ve gotta say “I WILL be doing that more often!” ~ especially this one:

    • Cordelia

      Thanks, Karen.  I am gladder than I can write to be back!

      The Middle Finger Project is freakin’ awesome, and I’m happy to provide you guys with new reads you might not have seen otherwise.  I get a lot of great leads from people I follow, and I’ve always appreciate it, so I like to do the same.  :)