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Link Love 6/8/12

2012 June 8
by Cordelia

[Every Friday, I share my favorite reads from around the blogosphere over the past week. Enjoy!]


Battle Cry of the Crazies: For Anyone Hustling For MORE
You aren’t crazy for wanting what hasn’t even occurred to them to want.

You aren’t crazy for needing what they would only deem a luxury.

You aren’t crazy for demanding that circumstances yield to you, instead of the other way around.

And you aren’t crazy for taking what it means to be human, and turning it upside down.
~Ash Ambirge at The Middle Finger Project


Little Black Dresses and Major Life Decisions
For some reason, while you know that finding the right dress is worth an investment, the sudden change in style, the constant wardrobe updates, you rarely treat yourself with the same zest.

Are you working as hard to find the right career as you are to find the right wardrobe?

Do you spend as much money on improving your skills as you do on the perfect, curve hugging dress?

Have you updated your lifestyle to accommodate the 2012 version of your dreams?

At some point, you stopped letting other people tell you what to wear.

It’s time time to do the same for your happiness.
~Courtney Johnston at The Rule Breaker’s Club


Van Halen, Chris Trapper, and This Messy Little Life
Life Is Messy. And sad. And brilliant. Tragic, exhilarating, fucking incomprehensible. Beautiful, stupid, crazy, and the kind of activity that leaves you breathless like a soccer ball kicked square to the gut.

I happen to like it that way.
~Erika Napoletano at Redhead Writing


The Simple Guide to Growing Some @#%ing Balls
FACT 2. All of your life needs more balls. Your fashion choices, your words, and your decisions– everything. Everyone is waiting for you to step up to the plate, but only balls will get you out of the dugout, time and again, so you can actually make a difference in the world.
~Julien Smith at In Over Your Head


Could You Quit Using Money Forever?
I think the CHALLENGE itself is great. And even more so, the potential we all have inside us to actually PULL THIS STUFF OFF when we commit to it 100% like that. Think of all the awesome stuff YOU could accomplish if you pour your hearts into a project and get super creative with it all! That’s how dreams and goals are met, right? Setting your mind to something and pushing the limits over and over again until you reach it?
~J. Money at Budgets Are Sexy


George Bernard Shaw on Being Unreasonable
Are you just letting yourself be molded to the environment around you? That’s a quick way to be miserable. True heroes are the ones that bust through their environments and force change. Like Shaw says here, that’s the only way to make progress in life. Be unreasonable.
~Tom Meitner at Your Superhero Reboot


The 5 step secret to getting it all done.
Step 1.
Admit that you can’t possibly get it all done.

Step 2.
Give yourself the grace to accept that as reality, not failure.

Step 3.
Do the things you can do with your full attention.

Step 4.
Celebrate what happens during step 3, instead of obsessing over the things you didn’t get to.

Step 5.
Repeat as necessary.

~Jon Acuff


Why You Never Want to Settle For Anything Just Being “Okay”
When things are terrible, they usually make us uncomfortable enough that we eventually realize we need to do something different and change things up. But, when things are “okay” there is a tendency to kind of just “let them be” and hope they will somehow magically improve in the future.

Well, you know what I have decided? I am so done with settling for anything around me just remaining “okay” and of course I want you to join me. One of my new favorite phrases is — “okay is not good enough”. I really have worked to apply this standard to all areas of my life because for too many years I used to settle for “okay”.

I can remember thinking to myself, it’s fine if I just feel “okay” at my job because I can find enjoyment in other areas of my life. Or, it’s not an issue if I just feel “okay” today because there is always tomorrow. However, in both instances, I was wrong – “okay” wasn’t good enough and I really was supposed to be doing something to change things from just being “okay”.
~Sibyl Chavis at The Possibility of Today

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  • Melissa

    The “don’t settle, already” thing seems to be a theme this week.  I did the math the other day, and after taxes, commute, and the time it takes me to decompress from my average work day at the Day Job, I’m selling my life for roughly $6.50/hr.

    Hooray for synchronicity lighting a fire under my butt!