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Link Love & Cordelia Around the Web (11/29/13)

2013 November 29
by Cordelia

Weekend LoveEvery Friday, I share my favorite reads from around the blogosphere, plus any extra stuff I’ve written outside this blog.  Enjoy!


Awesome Stuff from Awesome People


You Are Stardust. (Or, How to Snap Out of Any Slump Ever)

If people sat outside and looked at the stars each night, I’ll bet they’d live life a lot differently…

~Courtney Johnston on The Rule Breaker’s Club


The Pain That You Should Be Thankful For

Commit to making today the first day of your new life by refusing to be anyone’s doormat for a moment longer, honoring and respecting yourself always, and most importantly, by feeling the pain of your unacceptable situation and sincerely doing everything in your power to never experience that pain again.

You deserve the best life possible, and you deserve it now.

You are special, and the Pain of Never Again is the world’s most powerful reminder to help you to remember that fact.

That’s why for this incredibly powerful and life-altering pain, you should be very thankful.

Even if it hurts.

~Shola Richards on The Positivity Solution


How to Get Out of Your Rut – With STYLE (And Wine)

Carbs aside, the only way to claw your way out of that grey-toned apathy packed with dust bunnies and all those whiny songs that reminds you of every break up you’ve ever had?

Is to do something different.

You have to force yourself into new experiences, (despite how scared or tired or full of Twinkies you are), drop-kicking your doubts and shoving your finger into fear’s eye. (Also, there’s a whole lot of personification happening up in this hiz, and I’m not even a little sorry.)

What it comes down to is that while routines can be healthy, ruts are a disease—an aggressive form of apathy that wants you to nap through your day and stare blankly at your husband when he suggests that maybe you have sex on a weeknight, (because you haven’t showered in four days and the dry shampoo has run out.)

Don’t let your life flatline.

~Jessica Manuszak on The Middle Finger Project


What Lifestyle Design Really Means and How to Make It Work for You

Lifestyle design is the idea that you have the power to choose how you live your life — that you’re not tied to the 9-to-5 — and becoming a lifestyle designer implies you will soon be the one posting those amazing Facebook photos.

But it doesn’t always work out that way.

Why did you want to become a lifestyle designer in the first place? Whatever your answer is, doesn’t it come down to how you want to feel? You want to feel fulfilled in some way. We all do.

Lifestyle design can often be an extension of the misconception that tweaking career and location will create lasting satisfaction. It’s nothing more than aimless movement dressed up as progress…

…[but] lifestyle design is about creating situations. They’re neither good nor bad and are completely incapable of generating meaning on their own. If you accept that, you can release your expectation that the external conditions of your life are responsible for how you feel.

~Roman Locke on Brazen Careerist


What to Do When People Don’t Get What You Do

Let’s face it: even in a postmodern society filled with unconventional job titles like “social media maven,” “chief happiness officer” and “sandwich artist” (yes, it’s true!), most people still find it difficult to understand what non-lawyers, non-doctors and non-engineers do.

In fact, when I asked a group of strangers to describe what social workers do, I was met with several blank stares. However, one daring individual took a stab at it and reluctantly remarked, “Social workers are people who work in social settings.” Yikes. And the scary part is that social workers have been around since the beginning of time!

So what’s the lesson here, my friend? If you have an unpopular, “non-traditional” or uncommon profession, don’t expect anyone to really get what you do. Because chances are, they won’t. But the good news? You don’t need them to!

~Ramya West on Career Attraction

Cordelia Around the Web

In which I shamelessly promote other posts I’ve written recently.

  • Cordelia has been around the web lately, but all secret-like (A.k.a. No current guest posts.) Have some more leftover turkey, snuggle up with the above awesome posts, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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  • Shola | Positivity Solution

    Thanks so much for sharing this post on Link Love, Kell! This post might be the most important blog post that I have ever written, and I’m honored that you took the time to share it with your fabulous readers. I hope that you and yours had an epic Thanksgiving!

    • Cordelia

      My pleasure as always, Shola. Same to you!