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Link Love & Cordelia Around the Web (2/21/14)

2014 February 21
by Cordelia
Weekend Love

Every Friday, I share my favorite reads from around the blogosphere, plus any extra stuff I’ve written outside this blog.  Enjoy!



Why You Don’t Always Need Courage to Close the Deal

There’s been so much negative talk about Millennials lately, angry attacks about how we have these unrealistic dreams that we’ll never reach, spending our lives miserable and wanting more, never appreciating what we have and yet thinking we’re entitled to bountiful gardens with sparkling unicorns. And I will say this as eloquently as possible: Those people who are saying those things? Can politely (yet aggressively) shove it up their derrieres. Because I’ve had big dreams and bigger ambitions, and achieved each and every one. (Except eating Taco Bell on a grassy knoll with Ellen DeGeneres and owning a tiny pot-bellied pig named Mortimer, but there’s still time.)

My tilled garden with the lush grass and rows of perfect flowers? It’s flourishing. And my sparkling unicorn is happy as a motherloving clam. While high expectations can lead to disappointment (and certainly did, for awhile), that little voice that urges you to seek out what you absolutely love, and then do it, means that you genuinely don’t have to settle. My “magic garden” probably looks totally different than yours, and some people might argue that a work-from-home writer position isn’t the Holy Grail. But it’s my Holy Grail, and I can tell you with certainty that finding fulfillment in your career and a job that inspires, excites and IGNITES you is absolutely possible.

~Jessica Manuszak on CareerMeh


Hustle is a Dial, Not a Way of Being

Many professions and careers (and managers, unfortunately) make hustling an expectation. Too many companies create expectations that people will work non-stop, jump at an email, and stay up late with very little advance notice; this is hustling as a result of poor planning, not as a result of the ebb and flow of project schedules…

…Whether you’re an entrepreneur, an employee, a self-directed freelancer, or a consultant, constant hustling isn’t always indicative of a great environment. There is such a thing as too much hustling.

Hustle is a dial. Dial it up, ratchet it back. A mode that you can press to apply a bit more pressure, and ease up when it’s time to rest.

~Sarah Kathleen Peck at It Starts With


The Truth About Being Healthy [hint: it doesn’t look like Pinterest]

Once I accepted that the choices that make me feel my best aren’t always the easiest choices or the choices that require the least amount of effort, everything became so much more enjoyable. Life gets better when your goal isn’t to make things as easy as possible all the time.

~Nicole Antoinette at A Life Less Bullshit


A Valentine’s Breakup Letter to My Cheap Freelance Client

[Cordelia Note: Yes, I’m sharing this a week late. But it’s still so worth the read.]

I remember when we started our relationship, when you replied to my email saying yes, you wanted to hire me! My heart leapt, and I had butterflies in my chest at the sight of every email you sent me.

But now, things have changed. Instead of feeling happy when I think of you, I have other, less positive emotions. Stress, sadness, and anger run through me at the mere mention of your name…

~Daryl George on Be a Freelance Blogger


Cordelia Around the Web

In which I shamelessly promote other posts I’ve written recently.



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  • Karen J

    Good Morning Kelly!
    Great collection, as usual.

    MMMmmm… I’m getting a “Database Error” page when I try to open your “Valentine’s Breakup Letter” links – either link, on Firefox or Chrome.
    The site is okay, I think the prob is the links….

    • Cordelia

      Yikes! It’s opening fine for me. Still having trouble?

      • Karen J

        8pm – The links work, now :) hooray.
        Sophie’s site worked this morning too, if I cut-n-pasted.
        Thanks, Universe.