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Link Love & Cordelia Around the Web (3/14/14)

2014 March 14
by Cordelia
Weekend Love

Every Friday, I share my favorite reads from around the blogosphere, plus any extra stuff I’ve written outside this blog.  Enjoy!



How to stop your mind from talking all the time

We typically spend way more time thinking than we need to — like fifty to a hundred times more — and it creates a default background of stress and preoccupation. It keeps us from enjoying ordinary things, like putting on clothes or crossing parking lots.

These little things constitute the vast majority (like 99+%) of a person’s life, and they can actually be fun and poignant when the mind isn’t constantly talking.

Imagine life getting ninety-some times more enjoyable. That’s what we’re leaving on the table when we leave our attention hanging on an internal dialogue by default. It’s not the world that’s stressful. The outside world is a lot more peaceful than it seems, and this becomes clear whenever you take a break from thinking.

The thinking mind is like a perpetually-running chainsaw that thinks everything is a tree. It will use any excuse to rev up and start shredding something. Its purpose is to solve problems, so it wants everything to be a problem.

Most moments in your life, there’s no real need to do anything but observe. No analysis or figuring is necessary, but the mind really wants to do some anyway.

The thinking mind is a tool, and we can learn to put it down when it’s not needed, which is most of the time. We have an enormous amount to gain by simply thinking less, and that means learning how to put this overused tool down.

~David Cain at Raptitude


Finding the little biss(es): this is it.

These are the moments that are worth it. These are the parts and pieces. Happiness isn’t a victory, a destination, or an achievement. It’s not something I’ve won or owned; I’m not sure it’s something I can ever capture. But when I start to look around for it, it shows up in the smallest ways, in the minutiae of moments, in the collection of pieces I often forget.

Life isn’t felt in summation or as some frozen awkward final pose. It isn’t a grade, it isn’t a race, and it isn’t something you can buy. Life is a series of moments, and is experienced as that—a series of simple moments. Change is hard not because ideas are hard to have, but because mastering the little moments is tremendously challenging. It’s inside of the little moments that lies all of our life.

Life is a series of simple moments, one after the other. Life is about finding the bliss in the moment right now.

~Sarah Kathleen Peck at It Starts With


Beating the Busy Mindset

The truth is, there will always be more you can do for your business, your career, your life. Especially if you’re a go-getter, you will never arrive at a place where everything is done.

This is difficult for me to come to terms with. I like my email inbox empty, my tasks checked off. I want all the ideas on my whiteboard to be executed, and executed well. When things are unfinished, I feel stressed out, and I work — busily — to complete them.

But life will always be a work in progress. We must choose our priorities, remembering that most of our obligations are actually choices. And when we do, when we realize we can’t do everything and decide instead to do a few things well, busyness will no longer get the front seat. Your true priorities will be up front instead, right where they belong.

~Alexis Grant


37 Things That Are “Okay to Do” Even If Other People Tell You They Are Wrong

In the past, there were too many times I reconsidered or decided not to do something just because of what other people said. There were even other times where I got in my own way and convinced myself to not go after something because of my own doubts.

But, you live and learn …

And, one day I realized I was trying so hard to avoid any risk that I wasn’t going after things that I was supposed to be believing in and making happen. Instead, I was keeping myself trapped in an Infinite Loop. I was choosing to let my my uncertainty, doubts, and fears keep me stuck and I convinced myself I was being realistic and playing it safe.

One of the most important lessons I have ever learned is that we aren’t supposed to talk ourselves out of things that feel right just because we have doubts, fears or think that what we want is unlikely. Those doubts and fears are usually the voice of our Chief Negativity Officer and if we allow that voice to determine what we do, we will never get where we are meant to be.

~Sibyl Chavis on The Possibility of Today


Cordelia Around the Web

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  • David Cain

    Thanks Kelly!

    • Karen J

      Love that article, David! It’s on my list of “Great Stuff to Link To”, too! Cordelia only published first ;)

  • Karen J

    Love this collection, Kelly!
    Especially David’s “Stop Your Mind From Talking” and Sibyl’s “Things That Are Okay To Do” posts…

    *I* just actually sent (yes, that IS worthy of a cheer in my world) a letter-in-lieu-of-resume for an outside sales position that I really want a shot at!

    {{{hugs}}} for your continuing moral support for all us Quit Putting It Off types!

    • Cordelia

      Woot! Fingers crossed for you!

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