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Link Love 2/11/11

2011 February 11
by Cordelia

[Every Friday, I’ll be sharing my favorite reads from the blogosphere
over the past week. Enjoy!]

The Other Eight Hours
“Right here there are two conclusions you can make:

• Conclusion #1 – ‘I just lost 16 hours of my day. That’s almost my whole day. Guess I’ll zone out, watch TV and see if I can’t get another nap in’.
• Conclusion #2 – ‘I get 8 extra hours to do something. That’s plenty of time to hustle and go create something’.

Lots of people come to conclusion #1. You don’t usually hear a lot about what they end up doing.”
~Joel Runyon at Blog of Impossible Things

Why Good Often Beats Best
“Don’t hold back your good efforts while you wait for the perfect solution.
I am not saying you shouldn’t give it your all. You always should.
But, rather, don’t let success and accomplishment slip by because you failed to act.”

~Craig Jarrow at Time Management Ninja

Then Chelsea ran off with the circus, left her life on the side of the street and started wearing rhinestones, every day. Almost.
“…I’m sort of the, ‘throw your furniture on the street, quit your job and risk losing your friends and THEN FIGURE IT OUT’ kind of girl and sure enough, that philosophy always works out for me.

Not only does it work out… transcends any idea I would’ve come up, because I wouldn’t have believed in enough magic for it all to ‘work out,’ but I DID have the seed of the belief and that seed was just enough faith to leap before I knew how to operate the parachute.
~Chelsea Talks Smack

When Did Social Media Forget About Everyone Else?
“When did this ‘industry’ become about trying to turn everyone into a social media guru? When did we decide that everyone needs to become professional bloggers? Why does what most of our industry write about cater only to people who want to build an online business?
What happened to everyone else?”

~Corbett Barr at Think Traffic

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