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Link Love 2/17/12

2012 February 17
by Cordelia

[Every Friday, I share my favorite reads from around the blogosphere over the past week.  Enjoy!]

100 People Doing Extraordinary Things
This following should serve as a big Fuck You to excuses.

Below I’ve listed out 100 people doing extraordinary things. All of these folks are made of the same star stuff as you, me, and everyone else. With the possible exception of that dude at #25, they weren’t born with any supernatural abilities. But they’ve gone ahead and done exceptional things anyways, excuses be damned.
~Niall Doherty at Disrupting the Rabblement


Bitch Slap:  The Part Where I Kick Your Ass
The way you run your day is bullshit.

We fuck around with nonsense and avoid the things that truly mean something. Like people. Like clients. Like paying attention to our own businesses. We don’t say what we mean or mean what we say. We’re afraid to say no. And we have the audacity to sit at the end of the day and wonder Where did the time go?

I’ll tell you where the time went. It went to a black hole of hedgehog-related ridiculousness on Pinterest. It went to clicking on everyone of those stupid Facebook notification emails you get when one of your “friends” posts on your wall or likes your post. It went to Troll Beads, the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, and whatever other flavor of porn you indulge in to cheat yourself out of doing things that matter and making progress. And I know that every moment we live doesn’t have to be of earth-shattering import, but we owe it to ourselves to be honest, be humble, and participate. And the bullshit way you’re running your day isn’t doing any of those things.
~Erika Napoletano at Redhead Writing


The ABC’s of Self Love: D is for Determination
After I thought about it for a few days, I decided that the concept of determination is too abstract and feel-good to wax on about, or tell some bullshit inspirational story about how I was soooooooooo determined, and–look, ma!–determination worked for me!

*insert grinning, 8 year old red-head with freckles and missing front teeth*

Because I don’t think that’s true.

I don’t think determination is the answer.

I don’t think that “if you’re just determined enough, you can accomplish anything.”

If I had to guess, I’d guess a marketer came up with that.

Frankly, there are just too many variables involved in creating success, and determination is only one small fraction of those.
~Ash Ambirge at The Middle Finger Project


The issue is most people’s definition of risk is flat out, unquestionably, wrong.

For example, some people would say me jumping out of a plane or bungy jumping is risky when, in fact, driving your car to work is riskier. (If we’re talking life/death.)

“You would have to jump 17 times per year for your risk of dying in a skydiving accident to equal your risk of dying in a car accident if you drive 10,000 miles per year.”…

Fear ≠ risk.

This isn’t to say skydiving isn’t scary. Logically it may not be risky, but our fears can still get the best of us.

In other words, just because you’re afraid of something doesn’t make it risky.
~Karol Gajda at Truth. No Consequences.


If You’re Scared To Death, You’re Doing It Right
I think everyone starts out scared. Scared they’re doing it wrong, scared they’re going to make a mistake, scared they’re going to fail. Over time, we’re taught, that you should take the safe way, do things you’re qualified for. Be nice, stay comfortable and in return, you won’t have to scared. We gravitate towards comfort, and are lulled in by it’s but over time that comfort zone we’re lulled into turns into a sort of apathy. Every once in a while you need a good scare to get you jolted back on the right path (but that’s always much easier to say than do).
~Joel Runyon at Blog of Impossible Things


How long will it take for your dream to come true?
We are dangerously impatient when it comes to our dreams. We try something for day and it doesn’t work. We try something for a weekend and it doesn’t work. We try something even for a week and it doesn’t work. So what do we do? We seek “other advice.” Something different, something new, something other.

That’s why impatience tends to kill more dreams than failure. More dreams are shipwrecked by distractions, frustrations and shiny object syndrome than failure.
~Jon Acuff


How to Succeed at Anything in 15 Minute Chunks
There never is any need to wait for the inspiration to come or to get motivated.

That’s just another excuse for procrastination!

The key is to get started on any activity and keep going for 15 minutes.  And build on that.
~Arvind Devalia at Make It Happen


The Pause Upon Which All Else Relies
When we fail, it’s because we act on urges without thinking, without realizing it. We have the urge to eat junk, and we do it. We have the urge to check email instead of writing a chapter of our book, and so we open our inbox. We have an urge to smoke, to drink, to do drugs, to chew our nails, to play a Facebook game, to procrastinate, to skip a workout, to eat more fries, to criticize, to act in jealousy or anger, to be rude … and we act on that urge.

What if instead we learned to pause after each urge? What if we stopped, looked at that urge, paid close attention to what it feels like inside our bodies, but didn’t act?

The urge would no longer control us. We would be able to make conscious choices that might be healthier for us, help us be happier.
~Leo Babauta at Zen Habits


No big deal, just words.
…When it’s time to write, here is what I tell the muse who is like my dog.

An Invocation to Dog

No big deal.

I’m just opening stuff on this little machine and clicking and clacking and letting ideas come out.

And then moving them around so they make sense.

Or deleting them if they don’t.

It’s really not a big deal.

And even if it was, it wouldn’t be up to me.

Since I am here, I might as well write something.

And while I’m writing something, I might as well entertain myself.

Where’s the ball?
~Kelly Parkinson at Copylicious

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  • Kelly Parkinson

    Thanks for the link love, Kelly! I read your Brazen Careerist post on asking for help a few weeks ago, and even though I don’t have a job, it was, well, helpful. 

    • Cordelia

       Glad you enjoyed it!  Loved your post…it is my muse also, to a T.