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Link Love 2/25/11

2011 February 25
by Cordelia

[Every Friday, I’ll be sharing my favorite reads from the blogosphere
over the past week. Enjoy!]

The Guilt-Ridden Writer’s Confession
“Tell me if any of these hold a mirror to your own experience:
• You have the steady suspicion that you’re more fraud than writer
• You’d rather do anything, anything than sit down and write
• You look at your ‘body of work’ and conclude that you have simply wasted years of your life
• You talk about writing more than you sit your ass down to do it
• The crushing guilt of not working ‘enough’ has become almost too much to bear
• You stare at walls, floors and ceilings for extended periods of time, and then run to the television
• Your best work is brutally criticised, or worse, brutally ignored
• Despite all of this, you cannot stop writing.”
~Robert Bruce at Copyblogger

How Much Would You Pay to Interrupt Me?
“We have given the power to almost anyone to ring us whenever and wherever we are.
Via phone call, text, IM, email, Twitter, Facebook, and more.
Sounds pretty scary, and it is.
But, what if I charged you for that interruption?
Would you be still want to interrupt me if it cost you $5?
How about $10 to ring my phone in the middle of that important appointment?
Things would get interesting.”
~Craig Jarrow at Time Management Ninja

You’ve Won the Lottery. Didn’t You Get the Memo?
You can read this website. Just the fact that you’re reading this website means that you’re sitting in front of a computer that you own (or a computer that someone pays you to sit in front of!), that’s connected to the internet where you can access the world in a place that’s warm enough to allow you to concentrate and learn something. Did you know that automatically puts you in the top 72% of the entire world? What if you’d been born in the other 28%? Maybe you’d have made it out. Maybe you wouldn’t have…”
~Tyler Tervooren at Advanced Riskology

What Would You Create If It Was Your Last Day?
“Life is too damn short to languish away in situations that are whole-heartedly not a good fit for you. That make your heart heavy and your spirit filled with dread.”
~Susan Finch at Creative Guide to Life

The Future of Work
“Anything that doesn’t have to be tied down to a desk won’t be. We are already nearly there. More and more people are issued laptops, and yet, management styles are still based around ‘butt in chair’ metrics. I’ve used tools like GoToMeeting, Skype, Yammer, and mobile technologies to keep attached to a team for years. More and more businesses are catching up. Apple, for instance, has no cash registers in their stores. Other retail outlets are trying out the same technology. More and more of our technology is enabling us to work wherever we can find the net.”
~Chris Brogan

35 Ways I Don’t Fit In
“…the reason I set up my blog was to share my story. To make our blogs work we need to be honest, open and unguarded. We need to share a true multi-faceted story. In doing so we’ll realise that the feeling of not fitting means we’re in good company.”
~Annabel Candy at Get in the Hot Spot

Ready, Aim…Aim…Aim…
“There’s no perfect time to aggressively attack your debt.
There’s no perfect time to get rid of the crap that’s holding you back.
No perfect time to get married, have kids, or finally take that job you love.
Our modern world is built around keeping people aiming.”
~Adam Baker at Man vs. Debt

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