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Link Love 2/3/12

2012 February 3
by Cordelia

[Every Friday, I share my favorite reads from around the blogosphere over the past week.  Enjoy!]


I’m Not Qualified for Any of This

Several months ago, Chris Guillebeau wrote a post on his blog called Qualifications.
It was one of the greatest blog posts I’ve ever read. It still is.

For months I’ve had it bookmarked. I must’ve read it close to thirty times by now.

(As you can tell, I strongly recommend you check out the original post!)

At first, I couldn’t identify what I loved so much about these words.

But then it hit me. Chris’ post was my life.

Sure some of the details were different. Some of the events, names, and places would need to be renamed. But the result was the exact same.

Like Chris pointed out, I’m not qualified for almost anything I’m currently doing today.
~Adam Baker at Man vs. Debt


How to become a trucker, or keep on truckin’, or something about trucks
A dream is a dream is a dream. Martin Luther King Jr. would not be very happy if you let go of yours because you got denied for a credit card, or some curse word of an evil human cut you off in the left turn lane, or your mom won’t give you anymore money for rent.

We all have bad days. The successful among us are those who get up and keep going.
~guest post by Courtney Johnston of The Rule Breaker’s Club at All Groan Up


Abundance and the Art of Avoidance
Opportunity is infinite, but life is not. Act accordingly.
~Tyler Tervooren at Advanced Riskology


To Save Money, Dine Out and Live It Up!
Conventional wisdom says that eating in saves you a lot of time and money.  Whoever comes up with conventional wisdom clearly must not work for a living or has been a contestant of Iron Chef before!  Let’s go through several reasons why dining out not only saves you money, but increases the quality of your life.
~Sam at Untemplater

*PF readers:  I’d be very curious to hear your response to this!


Spend the Night:  A Screen-Free Challenge
We’ve forgotten how to live without the Internet. We’ve forgotten how to spend a handful of hours without the comforting glow of our screens. And most importantly, I think, we’ve forgotten everything the world has to offer beyond the edges of our monitors.

So ask yourself: if you took one evening this week to spend your hours away from your screens, what would you do?
~Matt Madeiro at Three New Leaves


The one thing about Siri that scares me.
When I jog, I’m usually trying to clear my head. I’m a multi-task junkie and am constantly finding ways to do more than one thing at once. But with jogging, that was always impossible. Running forced me to be quiet and focused. It cleared my head and no one expected me to be productive when I was running. I was just exercising. I didn’t have to produce anything but sweat.

But now, with Siri, I can respond to text messages. I can take care of business. I can get ahead. I can fill that time with multiple things.

And that’s what I’m ultimately afraid of.

If you fill every minute of your life, eventually you’ll get empty.

Instead of getting one amazing thing done, you’ll get 12 things done poorly.
~Jon Acuff


This is why our plans suck.
Do not, darling of my heart, waste any of your time scanning the savanna for frumious bandersnatches and lions and snarks and grumkins. Do not try and map the territory five miles hence. Do not concern yourself with chasms and cobras and conquistadors not in front of your feet.

(Most of those things aren’t even in the savanna, you know.)

You have no idea what the exact path between here and the mountain will be.

~Catherine Caine, my current new favorite blogger, at Cash & Joy

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  • Courtney Johnston

    Thanks for the link to my guest post on All Groan Up, Kelly/Cordelia :D 

    I’m so happy that you enjoyed it!