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Link Love 3/19/11

2011 March 19
by Cordelia

[Every Friday Saturday this time (better late than never!), I’ll be sharing my favorite reads from the blogosphere over the past week. Enjoy!]


Lifestyle Design and Being OK with Being Conventional
“The bottom line is that like most of the population, I do not have goals that consist of getting rid of 95% of my stuff, living in a developing country and selling e-courses on teaching people how to do the same. If that’s what someone wants to do, he/she should absolutely go for it. Regale us with stories, tell us about your struggles, teach us what you’ve learned. But please, please don’t be a jerk about it.”
~Well Heeled Blog


Everything Will Conspire to Stop You…So What?
“You’ve got three kids. You’ve got three teeth. The rent is four months past due….You just aren’t feeling it….Everything will conspire to stop you. There are endless reasons and ways….In the end you’ve got to pick up the pen and do the thing. And then you’ve got to do it again.”
~by Robert Bruce at Copyblogger


Not Realistic
“Who cares whether something is realistic or not? You might as well leave this word to the cynics–let them have it. Let them own it. It won’t do you any good anyway.”
~by Chris Guillebeau at The Art of Non-Conformity


Squints & Shrugs: How to know when you’re on to something
“When someone makes a face at your idea, shrugs their shoulders, brushes you, or makes a joke of your dreams, it’s not about you or your idea. It’s about ‘the way things are’ and the notions of how we’re supposed to behave….All our great achievements were impossible at one time.”
~by Brian Gerald Murphy at Conventional Freedom


Is Escape Velocity A Trap?
“At that point, I saw three options: quit and do something else, kill off the remaining years until retirement, or take responsibility for my work and my life….
…the source of income doesn’t matter. You either work for yourself and what you care about or you work for a paycheck. If you’re waiting for escape to happen externally, all the velocity in the world might not matter.”
~guest post by Rich Dixon of Bouncing Back at Escape Velocity


What do you base your decisions on, money or happiness?
“Ever since I was a kid it had been beaten into me that you have to suffer if you want something good. You suffer through school to get a good job, suffer through 50 or more years of work to get a good retirement. Your whole life would be suffering just so you could get maybe 20 years of fun.
This is completely wrong. You can be happy now AND in the future. All you have to do is get your priorities straight.”
~guest post by Kole McRae of Office Buddha at Work Happy Now


Be Bold and Call Your Shot
“When was the last time that you boldly stated what you were going to accomplish today?”
~by Craig Jarrow at Time Management Ninja

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  • Well Heeled Blog

    Thanks for including my post! Several readers actually commented that your blog is the only lifestyle design blog that they read and enjoy (confession: I’ve been lurker and reader here for a few months). You seem really genuine and down-to-earth and you are a very engaging writer. My issue with LD blogs certainly isn’t directed to ALL blogs. Just the ones that seem, well, a little jerky. Best of luck with your goals . :)

    • Cordelia

      Aw, that’s so sweet! I’m glad you’re (all) reading. :)

      I completely understand where you’re coming from. It seems like the majority of the “big” blogs nowadays are all about hopping from country to country, living out of a backpack, and launching your ebook. And although I have nothing but props for all the freelance nomads out there, the fact is that even when I’ve freed myself from the 9-5, I still plan on living in my old hometown in my little house and spending the evenings with my husband and dog. Does that make me less ambitious or less of a revolutionary? I don’t think so.

      And although I can get pretty passionate about my own feeling towards the 9-5, that’s not to say that I look down on people who are o.k. living a more “conventional” life. My spiel has always been about living your own life on your terms, making intentional choices and doing things deliberately. The goal you have in mind for your life isn’t what matters; it’s that it’s *your* goal, and you’re working towards it.

  • Leaf Probably

    I wish I was a time management ninja. That guy must have the coolest business cards ever.

    • Cordelia

      I think I should add “time management ninja” to the other administrative skills on my resume. :D