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Link Love 4/1/11

2011 April 1
by Cordelia

[Every Friday, I share my favorite reads
from the around blogosphere over the past week. Enjoy!]


Why you’re disabled, and what to do about it
“Having some kind of a setback or bad situation or injury or disability sucks when you look at the negative. You feel like a victim, like someone who got kicked in the nuts by life. But when you start planning ways to be superhuman with what remains, it puts you right back in control. You don’t feel like less. You start to believe that you could be more.”
~Johnny B. Truant


Complaining: Does it Get Anything Done?
“Complaining is the opposite of productivity.
If you are complaining, you are pretty much doing anything but what you should be.”
~Craig Jarrow Time Management Ninja


Hell Yes You Should Quit Your Job
“I can’t tell you specifically if you should quit your job without getting to know you better. There are lots of questions you need to seriously ask yourself.
On the other hand, I can tell you one thing emphatically.
If you’re asking yourself whether you should quit your job, or if you’ve been feeling the itch to go and try some¬thing you’ve always wanted to try…

Hell yes you should quit your job.
~Corbett Barr


Top Secrets From The Happiness Wars
“And yet many of us seem to be doing so poorly at it. According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, only 31% of 18- to 29-year olds say they are ‘very happy.’ The number goes down to 27% for 30- to 45-year olds.
But the same study revealed 83% of Americans aged 16 and up were pretty or very happy. Does anyone else find that data a tad contradictory? Do we even know what we’re talking about?”
~Jennifer Gresham at everyday bright


Upside-Down Nation: How Debt Fueled Our Madness
“Bankruptcy, foreclosure, short sale, bubble, meltdown, universal default, and ‘too big to fail’.
Sure, most of these terms have been around for some time. But these days, they are household names. Financial struggles that we’ve been putting off for years have finally let themselves into our living rooms.
Year after year, the notion that ‘debt is a tool’ was beaten into our brains. We swallowed it hook, line, and sinker.”
~Adam Baker at Man vs. Debt


Are You Guilty of Procrastination (Without Even Realizing It?)
“You might well be great at getting little tasks done: you’re up to date on your emails, you’ve finished that report at work, you’ve done the filing. But the really big, important things in life just get put off again, and again, and again.

What Are You Resisting?
~Ali Luke at Pick the Brain


You > everything else
“Many of us spend our days thinking about other people. Making sure we don’t hurt their feelings or accidentally insult them or something. We work hard to make all our friends and family happy, sometimes doing more than just favours for people we hardly know.

Just for today, be selfish.
~Office Buddha

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