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Link Love 6/17/11

2011 June 17
by Cordelia
Not only am I back on track with the link love; I’ve got a lovey image now, too! Boo. Yah.

[Every Friday, I share my favorite reads from around the blogosphere over the past week.  Enjoy!]

Big People Pants – Now on Sale!
“You can only buy them at one particular store in your area – the stores are worldwide and there’s one near you. It’s called the Owning Your Shit Emporium and it’s a pretty swank little operation. At the door, there’s a counter where you are required to check your shit at the door. Once you enter, you can wander about everything they have to offer like the Matched Luggage department (they don’t sell baggage), the Big Girl Panties section, a whole collection of western boots for people who need to Cowboy the Fuck Up. You can even pick up a few Pots to Piss In next to the wall display of violins. The centerpiece of the entire store, however, is the Big People Pants section.”
~Erika Napoletano at Redhead Writing

57 Things to Do Before You Die
”…what I can do is pay a bit more attention to my bucket list of things I never want to forget and yearn to experience. While we’ll never have everything ticked off the list the day we die, I know the best I can hope for is to have made a goddamned college try at having my emotions run the gamut.”
~Erika Napoletano at Redhead Writing

Why Making Enough Money to Live Isn’t Enough
“I had taken the job quickly, without thinking too much about it, ignoring a small voice in the back of my mind that had protested during both of my interviews.  Shhh, I told it.  I’m letting you go to school for an impractical degree because you love writing so much.  One of us has to be concerned with making a living.

But it turned out that making enough money to live isn’t the same as living.  Work was making my life hell.  My stomach hurt every weekday morning when I woke up.  My heart dropped like a stone every time my boss called me from his office, approximately twenty times a day.  I had nightmares about work and wasn’t sleeping well.  Every time I talked to my friends or family on the phone I choked back tears.”
~guest post by Brooke Law of Books Distilled on Midwife Your Life

Meaningless Dreams
“Our dreams don’t have to have a purpose. They don’t have to inspire anyone, or make any difference at all in the world. If you’re enjoying them, that’s enough. If it excites you, that’s enough. If you’re doing a lot of things that don’t excite you because they’re “practical,” well, that serves no one.”
~Jonathan Mead at Illuminated Mind

“Celebration” Doesn’t Even Begin to Cover It……
Where you “let it go” for the sake of letting it grow, instead–it’s okay for the ego to get demoted to the backseat for tonight. Where somewhere, someone is thinking of something even more fantastically mythical than a Unicorn.


Where Optimism, Random Acts of Kindness and Bravery are not virtues, they are inherent to the law of existing. Where you will strive for nothing else than to find your most AWESOME rendition of Self and you will take that Self salsa dancing, then tuck it in bed after a tipsy night of drunken-self love. Where you will REFUSE to join the Square Bears when you’re actually a melange of zoo animals, all shapes and sizes.”
~Chelsea Talks Smack


discerning vs. cynical…with a bit of Beyonce for good measure

“More important than the questions, is the intention behind the questions. Herein lies the difference between discernment and cynicism.”
~Danielle LaPorte at whitehot truth


What Is The Point Of Life?
“At 24, I’d come to accept that being a grownup was a pretty dull affair. For five years, I’d endured a passionless relationship, assuming that all men — by nature — are emotionally numb and unaffectionate. I was convinced that life is like a box of chocolates, but a box you find in your car six months after Easter: deformed, disappointing and not nearly as promising as the packaging.”
~gust post by Torre DeRoche of The Fearful Adventurer at Ending the Grind


30 Hours, 20,000 Words: A Guide to Getting Things Done
“Myself? I’ll call it all the proof in the world of something we’ve long suspected: a day without Internet is a day where things get done.

….. We’ve saddled our techno-fueled lives with the most optimistic label of all — a name that invokes images of freely-flowing data, enhanced productivity, and all the promise and appeal of an increasingly-connected globe.

We got funny cat pictures instead.”
~Matt Madeiro at three new leaves


It’s OK: Simple Advice for Succeeding
“You need to give yourself permission. Let go of the restraints and barriers that have been blocking your work. Get over the way you think things are supposed to be. Embrace Yes. Changing the world is easier than you might think.”
~Brian Gerald Murphy

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  • Brooke (Books Distilled)

    Cordelia, thanks so much for the link love!

    • Cordelia

      My pleasure. It was a really moving post.

  • Brian Gerald

    Even just reading the excerpts you selected gets me inspired. Thanks!

    • Cordelia

      Any time. And thank *you* for the great contribution to this week’s list!

  • Cordelia

    Well, strap on your reading glasses, ’cause the weekly love is back on track, baby!

  • Meg @ OneLoveMeg

    Love em! Thanks for sharing!

    • Cordelia

      Glad you liked!