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Link Love 6/24/11

2011 June 24
by Cordelia

[Every Friday, I share my favorite reads from around the blogosphere over the past week.  Enjoy!]


You Have a Choice
There’s a choice for you to make right now, at this very moment.

You can choose to listen to people who bring you down, or to tune in to those who lift you up.

You can choose between making a snide, destructive comment, or you can make an encouraging, uplifting one.

You can choose to sit and worry about the worst that could happen, or you can start making progress now, and choose to have faith that everything will work out…”
~Corbett Barr

Reframing Saves the Day Or, How I’m Trying to Keep My Shit Together
“You can look at your problems and say, ‘Woes me! The universe is telling me to give up. I’m not cut out for this.’ Or you can look at them and say, ‘Thanks, Universe, for kicking me in the balls. I guess I’m going to put on a cup and try again.’”
~Tyler Tervooren at Advanced Riskology


Recovery is a Constant Battle
“I am going to learn to love myself.  I do not need you to tell me how to feel ~ I am perfectly capable of figuring it out on my own.  In those moments in between, when I am sitting idly around waiting for the next trigger, waiting for the next moment of insecurity, I will remind myself who and what I am fighting against.  I am going to charge at my self-loathing with increased fervor.  I will make recovery my full-time job.  I will defeat you.  You won’t even know what hit you.

It’ll be me.  And I’m going to be beautiful.
~my girl Jessie Rose at Live Like Crazie


The Trouble with Blogging
“With this influx of attention, I grew self conscious. My party music screeched to a halt. I found myself frozen under the spotlight, eyeballing the crowd, paused midway through my running man dance.

The guests were watching, waiting for me to do something.

I felt panicked to suddenly find myself at the centre of attention. I began to question what I’d done to draw such a crowd and, more importantly, what I needed to keep doing to have them stick around.

I worried incessantly.”
~Torre DeRoche at The Fearful Adventurer


Tri’ing to Overcome a Fear
“I have yet to be able to cross the length of the lap pool at the gym more than one time without having to rest and get psyched up for the next go at it. And my last visit yielded a whopping zero passes straight across without a stop- usually caused by water in my mouth or a stupid mental freak-out. Sinking underwater and practicing exhaling through my nose doesn’t occur more than three or four times before my heart rate goes through the roof.

So how to force myself to overcome this? I recently joined my buddy Steve in registering for the sprint distance of the Portland Triathlon, which takes place on August 21st . . . exactly two months from today. And not even remotely close to prepared. Am I an idiot? Yes, yes I am.”
~Mark Powers at Powers Percussion

Don’t Expect Others to Understand Your Big Hairy Audacious Goals
“I know I could tell my dad I work 12 hours a day, making copies, shuffling papers, answering phones, doing boring crap, and he would be content. Full time hours….check. Paycheck…yes. I doubt he would be proud but he wouldn’t question if this was what I wanted to do forever. I have a job. I have a paycheck. Enough.

On the other hand, if I told my dad I only worked only four hours today but I helped motivate a small group of people to take action to live a better life and wrote a inspiring blog post, he would think I’m crazy. Huh? Only a four hours? He wouldn’t focus on the impact.”
~Benny Hsu at Get Busy Living

How to Get S*** Done in Half the Time
“Too often you’ve been focused on the tasks you need to do to achieve your goals. The endless to do list. We’ve all tried them. Today let’s take a different approach to being more productive.

What you may have neglected are the behaviors that slow or distract you from accomplishing more.

The solution is there needs to be a not-to-do list.
~Benny Hsu at Get Busy Living


And, for something on the lighter side, quality humorous shite from two of my favorite ladies:

Swiffer Sink Saga 2011
“…3:35—Dishes and dish drainer are transported to the bathtub where they are thoroughly washed. Being crouched at that level, I notice the floor could stand to be vacuumed and heck, while I’m down there, the toilet should be cleaned.

4:00—Stepdad returns with the parts—he thinks—and I continue to stay out of the kitchen, not because I will be in the way, but because I will be tempted to Swiffer stalk him and poo-poo his putzing.

4:01—Plop down on the couch to watch the ballgame, something I had planned on doing before the Swiffer Sink Saga of 2011.

4:20—Try to ignore the clanking tools in the next room, decide I’m pretty much a revolutionary and applaud my survival skills in times of such stress.

4:21—Re-enter the kitchen, see what I declare to be a critical cleaning crisis and immediately change my mind on revolutionary status.…”
~Abby at Abby Has Issues


A Meditation on Being a Jackass
“And it was right then and there that I realize what has happened. My facial expression contorts into something out of a horror film, as I slowly take a step back, my mouth literally wide open, eyes bugging out of my head.

Ohmygod, I say under my breath to Maiten.

Ash, what the hell is going ON? she blurts.



~Ashley Ambirge at The Middle Finger Project

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  • Lindsey Morningstar

    I always love your “Link Love” posts. You have such a good mix of blogs you read. It’s kind of like getting a mix tape from a friend that includes all the hidden gems that aren’t played on the radio. Have a good weekend :)

    • Cordelia

      I LOVE the mix tape analogy!

  • Abby

    I’m nowhere near being a “big” or “popular” blog, but I could so relate to “The Trouble with Blogging.” So true and a good reminder!

    As always, love the links. 

    • Cordelia

      I felt the same way about it. I’ve definitely been there. (Still am, on occasion.)

  • Benny Hsu

    Thanks for including me! Not once but twice. I’m very honored! 

    • Cordelia

      My pleasure, I’m really digging your stuff!

  • Meg @ OneLoveMeg

    I love this! You have some great posts here, some I have read and some that I am diving into as we speak. Thanks for sharing!

    • Cordelia

      No problem, glad you’re enjoying them!

  • Julie | A Clear Sign

    I just found your blog through a link from AR above and I love that you do this every Friday!  Not only are you giving the rest of us a ton more places to check out, but you’re sharing the love – a beautiful thing.

    • Cordelia

      Thanks, Julie! I really want to introduce my readers to the great reads I come across. I’ve found so many blogs I love now through links from other blogs, I want to be able to do the same for my readers.

  • Jessie Rose

    :0D (sideways smiley face!)