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Eeyore Phrases I Can’t Stand

2014 July 7

All too often, I hear people says things that make me horribly, deep-down-in-my soul sad…

Don’t You DARE Ever…

2014 June 30
watchu lookin at

And I mean, like (never) ever.

Your Happiness Depends on You

2014 June 23
sun will come out

It’s so easy to let your happiness fall to the whims of external factors that have no right having anything to do with it. But ultimately, it all comes down to you.

Reader Quit: Expecting To One Day Love the Things I Hate (by Sarah Beth Moore)

2014 June 18
Meh button

Do you ever feel like you should love something just because everyone else does? Then this post’s for you…

My T-Rex Kills Your Brontosaurus

2014 June 16
t-rex grr

You can’t compare your skills against someone else’s. All that matters is that you do what you were designed to do—and you do the everloving shit out of it.

Reader Quit: A Long Day’s Journey Into… Pandas (or, How I Quit Waiting for Someone Else to Make Good Things Happen) (by Anne Belov)

2014 June 9
page 14-15 thumbnail

Sometimes, you have to take things into your own hands. Like Anne Belov did with her new book, Pandamorphosis.

The Only Way to Live Your Dream Life? Quit Your Dreams

2014 June 4
by Cordelia
window gazing

It’s time to stop asking yourself “what if” — and start asking “why not?” instead.

You’re Worth More Than That. Seriously. Stop It.

2014 June 2
will work for attention

We constantly sell ourselves short, downplay our skills and accomplishments, and kowtow to whatever crapportunity is tossed our way. I call “Bullshit!”

The Gut-Check Test

2014 May 21
Stay or Go

Sometimes the best self-help guru you will ever find is that sinking (or soaring) feeling you get when your gut reacts to something.

Lessons From 1 Year of Freelancing Full-Time

2014 May 14
working in chaos

The biggest things I’ve learned from one full year of freelancing full-time (that I so wish I’d known when I started).