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The Gut-Check Test

2014 May 21
Stay or Go

Sometimes the best self-help guru you will ever find is that sinking (or soaring) feeling you get when your gut reacts to something.

Lessons From 1 Year of Freelancing Full-Time

2014 May 14
by Cordelia
working in chaos

The biggest things I’ve learned from one full year of freelancing full-time (that I so wish I’d known when I started).

You Need a Blogging Mentor. Here’s Why.

2014 May 7
by Cordelia
Find a Mentor

A blogging mentor is invaluable on your quest to grow your audience and spread your message. Here’s why.

The Annoying Two-Year-Old’s Guide to Intentional Living

2014 May 5
by Cordelia
curious kid

Living intentionally is all about turning off the autopilot and really examining why it is you do the things you do. And calling yourself on your own B.S.

I Was Wrong: Quitting Your Job Won’t Make You Happy

2014 April 29
by Cordelia
cheerleader FAIL

Quitting your job, finding “the one,” moving to Tahiti, winning the lottery…Nothing will make you you really, truly happy unless you learn how to BE happy.

You’re Too Intelligent to Waste Your Life in One-Track Employment

2014 April 2
by Cordelia
corporate ladder

Being defined by a single job title alone is so 20th century.

Link Love & Cordelia Around the Web (3/28/14)

2014 March 28
by Cordelia
Weekend Love

Compiled just for you, my favorite reads from around the blogosphere over the past week (plus some stuff I’ve written outside the blog).

Why I’m Ignoring My Own Blogging Advice

2014 March 24
by Cordelia
fingers crossed

This blog is not a business. It never has been.

Wanna Be a Freelance Writer? Check Out My Course Next Week!

2014 March 21
freelance writer

If you have any interest in becoming a freelancer writer, or taking your career to the next level, I’m teaching a must-enroll course.

Reader Quit: Writing a Novel (by Rob Farquhar)

2014 March 20
by Cordelia
writer's block

We worry so much about what we think we ought to be that we don’t even notice when we find out what we really are.