Let’s Just Say “Until We Meet Again…”

Life has a habit of changing in the most inexplicable of ways at the most unanticipated of times.

Sometimes these changes are awesome; sometimes they suck hardcore.

Often what you think is black-and-white, one or the other winds up being a fluid mixture of both, and sometimes how you view the percentages in that mix fluctuates from minute to minute.

In September, I went through what Anne with an “e” would call “an epoch” in one’s life, and I’m still trying to unravel what it means and what I intend to make of it. More relevant to this particular medium, I’m still not sure what it signifies for this blog and my writing and their collective fates moving forward.

So, for the time being, I am not going to attempt to distill it all into a neatly digestible blog post.

I’m not going to analyze or rant or recap or rebrand, because I’m still in the midst of processing what precisely has happened and what on earth I think about it.

I’m not going to call it quits on CCIQ, not officially, because for all I know, this period is really just a semicolon.

I’m not going to say much of anything at all, because for once in my overly verbose little life, I am entirely and utterly without words that seem to do any of this the justice it requires. So I am going to respect that, and place a loving but firm pin in this thing that has brought so much meaning and so much purpose to my life for many years now.

What I am doing is stepping away, maybe for a little while while and maybe for good, at least as far as this particular project is concerned. I honestly can’t say more than that right now, because I honestly don’t know.

This isn’t a goodbye.

It isn’t really much of anything except a brief signal fire to let you know I’m still here and I’m still fighting and that’s about all I can say about that.

I hope some day in the unforeseeable future we will reconnect. I suspect we will.

Until then, it’s been real, kids. Hella real.


Image:  Pabak Sarkar / Flickr

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  • Fare thee well…for the duration of this semi-colon. I hope this absence, be it temporary or permanent, leads you to what you are looking for or need. Much love, F2P.

  • Cordelia’s Mom

    It’s just a semicolon, Sweetie. You’ll be back eventually – there’s simply no way to keep a good writer down forever. I’m here for you.

  • I’ll look for ward to your return.
    Kindly, Anne with an “e” 😉

  • Patrick

    Good luck!!! Will stay tuned for updates. Big hugs!

  • Positive vibes!