Progress Report: T-Minus Till Part-Time

These progress reports feel like they’ve been coming rapid-fire since I embarked on my Freelance or Bust journey. It seems like just yesterday, I was dumbfounded to be able to take my Freelance Fridays off, and it was only a wee month ago that I got the Brazen Assistant Editor position that had me debating whether part-time would be around the corner.

It wasn’t, just then. I (with my mad ninja productivity skillz) managed to keep things afloat in spite of the extra 10 hours/week, and my 3 week self-deadline quickly came and went. But lately, things have been picking up on the freelance front, and the debate is off.

It’s go time.

I can be all pro-and-con up to a certain point, but then that point comes, and there’s no more debating. It was easy to tell this was the time to make the next leap, because there really was no other alternative. It was leap, or give up.

Pretty easy to make a decision when those are your options.


The Tipping Point Is Now (Well, Approximately 2 Weeks From Now)

I now have enough bloggortunities in the wings (that’s right—they’re largely blogging gigs, which was the entire point!) that I just can’t do it anymore. I am an efficiency machine, not to mention a workaholic (two vital qualities in any entrepreneur, in addition to a healthy dose of craziness). But it’s become quite clear that even I, with all my masochistic ambition, can’t juggle a four-day work schedule and these new projects and still have everything come up Milhouse.

It’s also become clear that this is the point that could make or break my freelance dreams. Things are picking up, and that is awesome, but if I can’t start picking up with them, they will quickly taper off. I need to make the leap now to give myself the extra time and energy to nurture these new gigs (and push towards getting even more) to keep this train moving along.

So, once I’ve found and trained a new secretary to take over some of the overflow work, I will officially be going down to part-time at the day job. (Woot! (and Eek!))

Freelance Fridays and Tuesdays ahead…


The Good Old Costs/Benefits Analysis (It Had to Be Done)

This particular leap, quite frankly, is more than a little terrifying. Because this is a lot more all-in than previous leaps.

Just because I’m making room for more opportunities doesn’t mean more will come along. There’s no way to know for sure that things will continue to pick up as they have been, or that something catastrophic won’t happen to any one of my current opportunities to suddenly plunge me into we-are-not-buying-anything-without-a-coupon panic mode.

That’s why it’s a leap. The decision may have been clear-cut, but the results, unfortunately, are not.

Fortunately, I am (for the most part, on most days) o.k. with that.

Because what I do know for sure is that if I don’t make room for things to grow, they won’t. I’ll stay right where I am, making a decent little side hustle all things considered, but still relying on the day job to pay the majority of the bills. I will be a paralegal who dreams of being a freelancer, someday. And things will slowly stagnate right there in place.

I’m not in this to do pretty well, all things considered. I’m in this to win this.

So I’ll just have to trust that my hustle is up to par and I won’t find myself a month or two from now crying over my coupon pile and wondering which part-time minimum wage job I’m going to pick up to manage the budget gap I thought I had covered.

Here’s hoping, kids. All fingers and toes crossed…


This is the Last Stop

Also, this is scarey because it signals the appearance of the end game for Cordelia. Because there really is no going back once I’ve gone part-time, and because the only step left after this is handing in my day job resignation letter.

My office has been unfathomably good in working with me as things change, but accommodations can only go so far, so the next leap I make will have to be The Big One.

That said, The Big One won’t be happening for some [read: a long, long] time.

Because The Man is so wonderful as to take a full third of every freelance dollar I make in taxes. (Hit me as both an employer and an employee? Way to encourage small business, USA!) Which means that making up the difference for those three last days of work isn’t going to be quite as wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am as it’s been making up one day, and now two.

But so be it. I’m in. Let’s get this thing started…


What’s in Store

You, my friends and dear readers, are about to embark with me on a slightly different story. A harrowing blow by blow account of what it’s like in the trenches, with all the challenges and victories and hair-ripping frustrations that occur there.

Not the trenches I’ve been in, of “La di dah, my day job keeps my house from foreclosure and hey! look at this fun side hobby I’m also pursuing!” (I miss those days already, even though they were hardly easy (ah-hem, 65-hour weeks).)

Nope. The trenches of “Well, my biggest security blanket has officially been stripped, so now that we’re doing this for reals, let’s freakin’ Do It! (Pleasedeargodletthiswork!)”

Anticipate lots of posts on how I am eating peanut-butter-and-Fluff sandwiches for dinner and cursing the nostalgic comfort of having a job that is simply from 9-5. Also anticipate tons of “Damn the Man; this is what shit is all about!” posts.

Because that’s pretty much the mix it’s going to be from here on out.

And that’s frightening, but also abso-freakin’-lutely exhilarating.

Wanna come along with me for the roller coaster?

Image: Kalyan Kanuri / Flickr

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