QUIT: Neglecting to Share the Link Love

credit: ktpupp (license)

[Part of my mission to “live deliberately” involves ruthlessly cutting out anything that saps my time, energy or money to no good end.  I’m calling these things my “Quits,” and this is one of the many items that have found themselves on my Quits List.]

Every Friday, I’m supposed to share my favorite reads from the blogosphere over the past week.  I failed to do that last week.  I’m failing again this week.

I blame last week on the holiday, my rock star husband’s out-of-town show on Friday, and desperate NaNo wrap-up attempts.

I blame this week on desperate NaNo aftermath cleanup, losing myself in merry Christmas decorating, and just plain negligence.

None of this mitigates the underlying cause, namely, that:

I have been a derelict Cordelia.

Part of my goal for this blog was not only to share my own thoughts, but to share the thoughts of my favorite bloggers and pass along posts I believe my readers will get something from reading.

Failing to do this for one (or two–eep!) weeks probably won’t shake the foundation of anyone’s life, but it bothers me because I mean to take this blog seriously, and that includes sticking to my (albeit self-generated) posting scheduled.  Plus, I hate for you all to be missing out on some excellent posts that might inspire you, make you think, brighten your day, or etc.

And so.  I, Cordelia do hereby solemnly vow to be a more responsible link love-spreader.

That is all.  Thank you for listening.

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  • BiLLyBLuE

    It’s ok. Life happens, and your readers know that. Readers also appreciate the honesty. I know I do.

    You can always pimp my completed music remix, instead. *giggles* 😉 Maybe Blue’s orchestra can inspire in place of other blog inspirations.

    I felt the inspirational vibes and went with them. It felt like things were falling into place so I gave a little nudge to ensure they did. Music has seemed to be back-seated too often and I wanted to change that. Now, I’m hoping the inspiration continues to expand to other projects in my life.

    It starts with a small nudge, but the little nudges do wonders when you keep… nudging.

    • cordeliacallsitquits

      Exactly! I hope you can continue riding the inspiration wave. It’s so easy to forget the things that interest us in the frenzy of everyday life–when you get those vibes, you definitely have to run with them!

      p.s. When the Blue remix is “released,” sign me up for a copy! 😀

  • I hear you… sometimes its takes me out of the creation mode to stop and pop links in. I get done writing and then hit publish before I see if I can insert some references and go CRAP. Oh well I too will start to share link love more.. thanks for the thought.

    • cordeliacallsitquits

      No problem. It is really easy to just get caught up in the moment, isn’t it?

  • I only post twice a week, and it’s still kind of hard to keep up sometimes! Better luck next week.

    You probably already have a system for this, but if you don’t, I recommend having a designated place to stash the stuff you want to share as you see it throughout the week. Then you won’t have to look for it again. As my web reading has gotten out of hand, I’ve started keeping everything I want to remember in Delicious. I always thought things like that were pointless, but now that I’m reading tons of stuff on tons of blogs on a bunch of different subjects on three different computers, I lose track of too much without one nice online place to keep it.

    • cordeliacallsitquits

      That’s an excellent idea! I’m definitely going to use it. Thanks for the suggestion! 🙂