QUIT: Not Writing My Novel


[Part of my mission to “live deliberately” involves ruthlessly cutting out anything that saps my time, energy or money to no good end.  I’m calling these things my “Quits,” and this is one of the many items that have found themselves on my Quits List.]


Today’s Quit is a little different than the way I normally do things ’round here.  That’s because it was inspired by an invitation from Dana Sitar to write a guest post for her blog DIY Writing.

Dana’s started an awesome Bucket List Challenge to celebrate her new book on how to kickstart your writing, and she asked me to write a post on one of the items I’d like to conquer from my writing bucket list this year.

I decided (after much hemming, hawing, and general “if you post this, there’s no going back” voices in my head) that the bucket list item I really needed to conquer shouldn’t be to grow my freelance biz, or to publish an ebook, or any other eventual goal I know I’ll be getting to sooner or later.  It needed to be a real bucket list item, like climbing Mt. Everest or swimming with the sharks—the kind of thing you always kind of wish you’d do but that, to all outside observers and your own inner critique, seems kind of out there, kind of scary, and kind of better left on your list to look pretty.

That item, come hell or high water, is to Finally Freakin’ Start Writing My Novel Already.


What I’m Resolving

So, rather than a self-standing Quit, today’s post is actually a link to my guest post over at DIY Writing, in which I declare—boldly, recklessly, and foolishly—that I am finally done dragging my feet over this story idea I’ve wanted to write for almost literally forever.

Because as I wrote the post, I realized that it was more than just a wish list item to be crossed off; it was a systematic quitting of all the reasons why I’ve told myself my story idea is stupid, that writing it would be a waste of time, that no one wants to read it, that I’ll do a hack job of it if I dare to finally start.  All the reasons, really, why any writer so easily talks themselves out of doing the thing they secretly want more than anything in the world: actually writing.


What I’m NOT Resolving

This isn’t a declaration that I aim to finish a draft of my Novel this year (that would just be crazy talk), or even to make any logical headway towards a half-draft that looks somewhat readable.

This is just a resolution to Start Writing.  To stop doubting.  To put in 15 or 10 or even 5 minutes a day hammering out a few of the ideas that have been trapped in my head for years, in the hopes that maybe some day they will coalesce into something passable.

Will they?  Who knows.

But at least I won’t be the one holding them up anymore.

So, thusly, please check out:


FINALLY Getting This Damn Story Out of My Head and Onto Paper

(As is the norm with guest posts, please leave any comments to this Quit over at the DIY Writing post to show Dana some love for hosting me.  Thank ye!)

Image: photosteve101 / Flickr

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