Quits List

control alt deletePart of my mission to live deliberately involves ruthlessly cutting out anything that saps my time, energy or money to no good end. I call them my “Quits,” and these are the things I (and my readers) have quit so far.

Sometimes these Quits stick.

Sometimes I mess up and backslide.

Sometimes a Quit that was once relevant no longer is.

Such is the evolution of life. The important thing is that I continue to regularly examine what’s in my life and refuse to accept anything that’s less-than.

Starter Quits

(If you’re not sure what YOU should chuck, start here.)

5 Things Everyone Should Quit, I Don’t Care Who You Are

Why You Should Quit the Toxic People in Your Life, Pronto

Your Guide to Calling It Quits (free ebook)


What I’ve Been Quitting

(From oldest to most recent.)


Reader Quits

(Want to submit your own Quit?  Click here!)


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  • Hi Kelly,

    Great idea! I found you over at Punch Debt in the Face and I am commenting here in hopes that this little site update check box will give me all the updates to your quits list. 😉


    • cordeliacallsitquits

      Hey Jeremy:

      Thanks for stopping by! I like your philosophy as well, and I’ll be adding your blog to my subscriptions. One of the things I’m loving about blogging is how you wind up finding so many other people on inspiring journeys/missions of their own. I look forward reading more of your thoughts!


      • Yes, blogging is a true joy when you “meet” so many wonderful people. I’m finally going to meet one of my fellow bloggers, Chris Guillebeau, in real life this Friday. It’s such a funny thing to be saying that.

        The real hard thing is to be efficient with your time online. I’d love to personally visit and comments on lots of people’s blogs, but I just can’t do it. I love it all, but you really have to watch your time spent on here, and prioritize where you spend it. But I am glad you are joining my little crusade by subscribing. It is much appreciated! 😉


  • Rachel

    Hi Kelly,

    Awesome blog!

    A couple of quit-things I can think of right now at 3:32pm on a cloudy Wed. afternoon in my cube are ***drum rolling***

    1. Running with an air-bubble in your gastro chamber. It’s not worth it, you can always run tomorrow (drink water and eat a banana 1hr prior to your run may help).

    2. 10th attempt to read a book that puts you to sleep, despite its world famous title. Face it, you’re not cut out for it. Try it again in 5 years if you must.

    on being stuck in the clerical role. I loved it. My debute blog post was actually titled “I’m A Corporate Zombie.” Read it if you’re interested. Just to warn you, I’m not a professional writer (actually…English is my 2nd language) so the post won’t read like one. But still, I think I got my point acrossed.


    • cordeliacallsitquits


      1. I know that feeling, and I can completely agree it’s not worth it.

      2. Ironically enough, one of the next posts in the series is going to be about my giving up on trying to read a critically acclaimed book that I just couldn’t get into. Way to see into the future! 😛

      I checked out your debut post, and I love it! I would never have known that English is your second language. I completely understand where you are coming from, and the part that really got to me was where you list what all your coworkers would rather be doing with their lives. Kudos to you for taking your dream of blogging and making it a reality. I wish you all the best!


  • Rachel

    Ughhh!! The last paragraph got cut off. I meant to say, “I read your post…” and continues on the rest.



    • cordeliacallsitquits

      Understood, no worries. 🙂

  • Rachel

    Hi again Kelly,

    Look forward to your new post, and thanks for your kind words!

    P.S. I read your bio. I still feel like a kid too despite my 31 years in this world and have been a mother for the last 13. Strange how that is, but I don’t think I’ll ever come to term with “adulthood,” not until I’m being accused of it.

    Back to work.


    • cordeliacallsitquits

      “not until I’m being accused of it”–I love it! 😀

  • Steven Spangenberg

    Love the quit list! That is a great idea. People (and me) spend too much time on the non-urgent, not important stuff in life!

    • Cordelia

      Agreed! For every one thing I quit, I think up 4 or 5 more that could go. It really is amazing how cluttered our lives can get with the non-urgent.

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  • erin c…

     Love, love, love your “quit list” so far. I’m a huge fan of lists, and i can’t wait to consider what my I should quit!

    • And *I* can’t wait to hear about it! I’m a big list-maker myself, and this is definitely one of the best lists I have ever made. (Far more fun than my To Do lists.) 😛

  • I’m finally becoming at peace with quitting a book that I don’t like. Finally. I love this list Cordelia!

    • Brilliant! Isn’t it funny how hard it can be to let go of something like that? But it can feel so liberating. I’m glad you enjoy it. 🙂

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  • Awesome!  So glad to have you!

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  • Laura Mount

    I L.O.V.E. this !!!! lovelovelove… I want to quit too! 🙂

    • Do it!  (Then tell me about it–I want to know how it goes!)  🙂

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  • CMurph

    Loving the quit list!  I just found your blog via Budgets Are Sexy….I commented on your other post about quitting Facebook, and I also just recently quit a volunteer group that was taking over my life.  Hey, I’m all for volunteering, but it wasn’t the right fit.  Every meeting, every email, every phone call I got about this group just facilitated a larger knot in my stomach.  So, I quit!  

    •  Thank you!  I’m always happy to have a Budgets Are Sexy reader come over–J$ is my homeboy.

      Your volunteer group is the perfect example of a Quit that some people might have trouble with.  Volunteering, in itself, is a great thing.  But for you, the bad outweighed the good.  It wasn’t that volunteering is a bad thing, but that for you, it was a bad fit.

      I don’t know if you have any writerly tendencies about you, but if you’d ever be interested, I’d love to have you do a Reader Quit about this.  So many people quit things that are very obviously “bad”–smoking, gossiping, watching too much TV.  It can be a real struggle to decide to Quit something that has so many “pros” going for it.

      Just a (selfish) suggestion (because I’ve love to have that Quit for a post).  Either way, kudos for you for taking a stand for what makes you happy and realizing that some things just aren’t for you.  Glad to have you on board!

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  • Rob F.

    Thanks for accepting my QUIT onto the list, Cordelia!

    • My pleasure. It’s a great one!

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  • Search Marketer

    I love the idea of listing a couple of things to quit to make you a better person. What came into your mind to start doing these? Any motivations?

    • Check out my free ebook (upper right-hand corner of this page) for more!

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  • K.O.

    Your site and fun ‘quits’ (as well as your big ones) are sincerely the soothing that I’ve needed recently. This past month I’ve quit “family obligations” by deciding to end the job I’ve had since I was 14 working for my dad and finally end his notions of me taking over the family business. Instead of working a 9-5 office job I dislike, but could do, I am moving halfway across the globe to try my best at becoming a scuba diver as a career. As the globe-trotting date nears I’ve needed a soothing word and you humor in the face of ‘quitting’ has definitely helped =].

    • Good for you! That’s a huge change, and it takes a lot of guts to switch direction like that. I can only imagine the jitters you must be facing, but know that it will all be worth it. Just taking the step of declaring what YOU want for your life is huge. So many people never get that far.

      Wishing you all the best on your journeys, and keep us posted how it goes!

  • TanyaK

    I can relate to so many of these, especially the snooze button. It’s my nemesis.


    • Mine *still* is! It’s a daily struggle, and most days I fail. That’s the one Quit I think I will forever be fighting with. I am just NOT a morning person!

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  • LOVE this list! How fortunate that a moment of snark (and @animal) brought me to your blog! 🙂

    • I find that snark often has something to do with my connections. 🙂 Glad to have you reading!

  • Monique Muro

    This is such a wonderful idea. I wonder, can we use a quit from the past? I’ve quit so many horrible things in the past that have contributed positively to the person I am today, I feel like this might be a good arena to discuss one. Some of my more recent ‘quits’ are almost too recent to have any kind of perspective on. Just want to be sure before submitting! Haha 🙂

    • Absolutely! If it mattered to you, it counts, no matter how long ago it was. Send it on over!

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  • Julie Trager

    My biggest quit – living my life according to what’s “certain and secure” (of course there is no such thing)
    instead of what’s fascinating

  • Julie Trager

    My biggest quit – making choices according to what’s safe and secure (of course there is no such thing) instead of what’s fascinating