Quits List

control alt deletePart of my mission to live deliberately involves ruthlessly cutting out anything that saps my time, energy or money to no good end. I call them my “Quits,” and these are the things I (and my readers) have quit so far.

Sometimes these Quits stick.

Sometimes I mess up and backslide.

Sometimes a Quit that was once relevant no longer is.

Such is the evolution of life. The important thing is that I continue to regularly examine what’s in my life and refuse to accept anything that’s less-than.

Starter Quits

(If you’re not sure what YOU should chuck, start here.)

5 Things Everyone Should Quit, I Don’t Care Who You Are

Why You Should Quit the Toxic People in Your Life, Pronto

Your Guide to Calling It Quits (free ebook)


What I’ve Been Quitting

(From oldest to most recent.)


Reader Quits

(Want to submit your own Quit?  Click here!)


Image:  TRF_Mr_Hyde / Flickr