Reader QUIT: Spending Money at Stores that Make Me Feel Fat (by LB)

plus size skinny jeans


Not to say I will spend more at stores that are overpriced and give me food and wine to make me feel good, but I refuse to go to stores that sell small sizes that I would have worn as an under-weight and inappropriate teenager.

I only shop at these stores because they are inexpensive and I can find pieces like blazers and skinny jeans, which are hard to for me to afford anywhere else.  For some messed-up reason, I feel that is the definition of frugal.

I Feel Fat

In spite of any savings I might get, these places make me feel fat when I wear the Large or Extra-Large that they never have in stock.  Just seeing styles stocked in only sizes 2, 4, 6, or even 8 makes me feel fat.

I cannot fit into an 8 or 10.  Maybe a 12 if it’s stretchy, but nothing is stretchy—not the way it needs to be.  I know I’m not fat, but only those stores can make those emotions come out.  I don’t know why my frugal mind does not get that my emotional mind is more important and I can go without some clothes.

I Am Actually Very Much in Shape

For my age and height, I’m a decent weight, and pretty fit as I ride my bike often to deal with daily stress in life.  I run occasionally and might start more if only to fulfill a New Year’s goal.  (I hate running.) I love dance video games and getting outdoors, and I can run through Denver International Airport with 15 minutes to get from the ticket counter to the airplane before it closes early (with bags).

I have to say I am in shape and feel good, so I need to stop letting these stores control my feelings.

Every time I go into one of these stores looking for a deal in search of something I could wear for work or fun, but I always end up feeling unhappy.  But stores cannot control my feelings.  No one can; only I can control my thoughts and feelings.  I’ll quit fashion all together if it makes me feel bad about myself in any way—I quit their e-mails and Facebook posts, their coupons and advertisements, I quit trying to squeeze into something someone else thinks is cute.   I quit cute.

I Choose to Be Me

So, I choose to spend my money elsewhere.  In stores that do not make me feel bad—in stores that get I am frugal, but that I also love to look good.  There are so many stores out there; I can select as I please.  I do not have to pick the inexpensive ones that just came to town.  I can pick whichever ones I want.

I know I am a strong, lovely, logical, intelligent person.  No one can control that, so why should I let something like clothes have control over me?  Instead, I choose to be happy, healthy, and beautiful while being the best “me” I can be.



LB black sheep avatarLB is currently a 4.0 student working towards a dual bachelor’s and master’s degree in business management.  She writes about her struggles using a $50,000 income to pay for school, give back to the community and find time to live life while staying out of debt.  Check out more at The Financial Black Sheep.


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