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You’re ready to kick tail, take names and generally rock the living daylights out of your life and your world.

I feel you, and I’ve got your back.

These are some of the things I’ve found insanely useful in my own quest to live a life less ordinary. Whether you want to be a blogger, a freelancer or just an all-around more incredible human being, I’d highly recommend you check them out.

Go forth, and be awesomer!






Over 100,000 online courses to learn the skills you need to make your dream come true, on your own time.




Secure, reliable hosting for your blog, with awesome tech help and reasonable prices.

Super-easy, 100% free and highly customizable. One of the most popular blogging platforms out there for a reason.


Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics

You can’t rock what you don’t track. Get on this ASAP to monitor your stats and boost your traffic.


Creative CommonsCreative Commons 2.0

Find awesome images for your blog posts, free to use with attribution.



Your email list is gold — manage it right with MailChimp. Rree for lists up to 2,000 subscribers, it has easy-to-use templates, analytics and solid tech support help.



Manage your social media presence easily across multiple platforms.




You Don't Need a JobYou Don’t Need a Job, You Need Guts

The definitive guide on how to turn your ideas into a kickass Web presence, then turn that presence into an income stream. From the girl every blogger wants to be when they grow up.


Love Business OwnerLove, Business Owner

300+ email scripts, peer-to-peer “WTF?” forums and expert advice for handling any uncomfortable business conversation.



EFAEditorial Freelancers Association Rate Guide

No idea what to charge? This super-helpful chart will help you figure out the going rate for various writing and editing tasks, and how long you can expect a project to take.



Create professional-looking invoices, track your time and get paid.  Free for your first 3 clients.



Save your files to the cloud and access them anywhere.  So helpful if you work from multiple devices, work with a remote team, or just want reliable backup for those oh-so-important files.


You Need a BudgetYou Need a Budget

Traditional budgeting software doesn’t help when you’re on a variable freelancer income. YNAB has been a godsend for me and so many other freelancers I know. It seriously works.


Freelance Writers DenFreelance Writers Den

Created by award-winning, six-figure-earning freelancer Carol Tice.  E-courses, webinars, forums and more to rock your freelance business.


Shopify - light backgroundShopify

Take your brand to the next level by adding products to your service offerings. Shopify makes it easy to open an online store by providing all the tools and help you need.



My favorite go-to for all things business-promotion-related. Business cards, merch and more at ridiculously reasonable prices.

  • Thank you so much for this, Kelly, I want to read everything you list here.

    • You won’t regret it. And keep checking back from time to time–I’m reading voraciously lately and anything that really makes the grade will be updated on this list!

  • Sudangautam

    I would love to add:
    Element of style – Writing
     First break all the rules- Management
     Tribes- Leadership
    Overall the resources looks awesome. Keep sharing and updating.