Looking to Launch a Side Hustle? Here’s What You’re Really In For (post at Brazen Life)

So you know I’ve been hustling to get my freelance business off the ground and soaring.  And you also know I’ve taken a step closer to that by buying myself a day of breathing room each week.

What you may not know (because I’ve been remiss in telling you) is what it’s been like leading a day job/dream job double life.

So, here’s a glimpse, courtesy of my latest Brazen Life post:



Looking to Launch a Side Hustle?  Here’s What You’re Really In For


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Also, keep an eye out for an upcoming announcement on yet another step I’ve taken towards the Grand Master Plan!  I’m waiting till after the ebook release on March 5th to make the announcement since the book deserves its own spotlight, but I’m excited about this one.

Lots of good stuff coming up in the next few weeks, in other words!  Stay tuned, kiddies!

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