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How I Quit My Day Job


Progress Report:  I’ve Bought Myself a Day!

Progress Report:  The “If I Can Do It, You Can, Too” Speech

Progress Report:  T-Minus Till Part-Time

When I Say “Part,” You Say “Time”: Part (Time!) Part (Time!)

Progress Report:  Commencing Countdown

Sometimes Life Has Other Plans

QUIT: The Day Job (!!!)

Since I’ve Been Gone…

Living an Awesome Life


The Way Things Are Isn’t The Way Things Have To Be

Screw The Game of Life. Here’s the Real Way to Play It

Why We’re Scared of Being Happy (And How to Get Over It)

Are You Chaining Your Elephant?

What Story Are You Telling Yourself?

Oh, Shit! You Mean We’re Playing for REALSIES?

Is Your Happiness Quest Making You Miserable?

Things I Care About (So Much It Hurts)


Following Your Dreams


You Are Not Crazy For Wanting More

Never Feel Guilty for Following Your Dreams

Do The Thing That Needs to be Done

Are You Playing Chicken With Your Dreams?

27 Reasons Why You Might Fail & 2 Reasons Why You WILL

There Will Always Be a Reason Not To

Break It Down


Dealing With the Bad Stuff


It All Comes Down to You (Some Stories About Adversity)

Coping with the Poo Days

Coping with the Stabby Days

How to Deal When Everything’s Not OK

Your Demons Are Dirty, Rotten Bastards

5 Signs You’re on the Way to Burnout City (and How to Escape If You’re Already There)

Sometimes You Need to Go into Energy Saver Mode

The Ripcord Excuse

Why Optimists Will Always Kick Pessimists’ Butts (Brazen Life)




Looking to Launch a Side Hustle? Here’s What You’re Really In For (Brazen Life)

How to Handle Being a Full-Time Freelancer (Without Going Nuts) (The Write Life)

Red Flags That Your New Freelance Client Will Be Trouble (The Write Life)

You’re Worth More Than That. Seriously. Stop It.

The Savings (and Costs) of Working from Home

I Was Wrong: Quitting Your Job Won’t Make You Happy


Getting Shit Done


Of Pants & Procrastination (Cordelia Learns a Lesson About Avoidance)

Forget Time Management — Energy Management is What Matters (Brazen Life)

How to Make Chores Suck (Just a Little Bit) Less

Defending Your Time Without Sounding Like a Jerk (Time Management Ninja)

Taking Control of Your Inner Two-Year-Old

What Productivity Isn’t



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