QUIT: The Day Job (!!!)

[Part of my mission to “live deliberately” involves ruthlessly cutting out anything that saps my time, energy or money to no good end.  I’m calling these things my “Quits,” and this is one of the many items that have found themselves on my Quits List.]


Sit down.  Take a breath.  Grab a glass of water (or bourbon).

There.  Now that I’ve done that, it’s time to announce…


 Today, I am giving my notice to the day job.

I am finally Doing This Thing.


No, I don’t quite comprehend it, either.  But there it is.  The ultimate Quit of Quits is happening.

Holy mother-effing Moses.


The (Slightly) Long(er than Expected) and Winding Road

Just like every other step on this crazy journey to freedom, this recent development went down in a surreal manner that felt both much quicker than I anticipated and way too freakin’ overdue.

One month ago to this day, I had my resignation letter written and ready to hand in.  I’d been hustling my little tail off, and things had reached a wall.  No one but my husband (and occasionally my mom, who was at the end of a few sobbing phone calls) knew just how bad things had gotten in my head, but I’d reached the breakdown point.  So it was time to leap, come hell or high water.

I wasn’t 100% sure how I was going to finance it, but I was about 75% sure, and the other 25% consisted of sheer determination and a desperate desire to make things work.

Then life hit, and everything went on hold.  But I reminded myself (daily) that things would work out, because somehow or another, they always had.

A little more than 6 months before I wrote that first, ill-fated resignation letter, I’d gone down to part-time at the day job after realizing I’d hit another wall (and breakdown point) and there was nowhere to go but forward.  I wasn’t 100% sure how I was going to finance that leap, either, but again, I was about 75%, with the other 25% consisting of the aforementioned determination and desperate desire.

A little less than a year before that, I’d taken off Freelance Fridays, that time relying on more like 90% certainty and 10% willpower.  But still, it was the first step towards making my ludicrous dreams a reality, and it was a big one at the time, one that felt just as risky as the others.

Throughout all of it, I kept moving forward, and with each leap, the universe caught me.  Call that hippy-dippy-trippy if you like, but the universe and I have gotten on very intimate terms through all this, and I respect the hell out of that glorious bitch.  If you demonstrate you’ve got the moxie to make things happen, she will give you those things to make happen.  She’s got your back—if you prove you’ve got the hustle.

So when the shit hit the fan a month ago, I had enough of a track record with said universe to believe that the road would straighten back out eventually.

I just had no idea it would straighten out in less than a month.  But, that’s the universe for you.

Here’s how it went down:


The Final Step

I was emailing with (my new favorite) freelance client on Monday about a current project we’re working on, and I happened to mention that I was on the verge of Quitting at last and looking for a few extra things to make that possible.

I wasn’t any more on the verge of Quitting than I’d been since we lost half our income; I was just frustrated as all hell that particular morning and desperately trying to drum up more business to keep myself from jumping out a window.  I’d already sent out several emails and status updates attempting to fish some more opportunities out of the universe, and although I’m always optimistic, I wasn’t prepared for anything to come of it.

But my client wrote back within minutes and said she’d been thinking about giving me more projects; what could we do to make this happen?  After an afternoon of email negotiations, we had a contract in place for a monthly flat fee that was just enough to make my Quit possible again.  There will still be a gap in the finances, but this gives me the basic security I need to leap, knowing I have several other things in the application stages and it’s just a matter of waiting for a couple to come through.

I have every faith that they will.

So that evening, I revamped my resignation letter, and this morning, I’m handing it in—one month to the day after I thought everything had been shot temporarily to hell.


The Speechy Bit (Stay Tuned)

At the risk of losing you with a waaaay-to-long post, you can learn my “here’s what I learned from all this craziness”speech here.

But suffice is to say, hustle + passion + a dogged refusal to give up can take you places.  I’ve been seeing that firsthand throughout this whole journey, and it’s finally taken me to the end game I envisioned two and a half years ago.

I am finally Doing This Thing.

Holy mother-effing Moses.


Postscript: You know that whole “I have faith something will fill the gap once I make the leap” thing? Yeah, I leapt, and then this happened. (Less than one month later.) Game, set, match, Universe.


Image: Flickr

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  • Congratulations! Yay for you!!!!

  • Rob F.

    Now, that is some gorram good news right there, Cordelia! My deepest congratulations!

  • Now THAT is some seriously great news! I’m not sure if I can adequately express how happy I am for you in a blog comment, but simply put–this news just made my day. You said it best: the Universe will *always* have your back if you show her that you’ve got the hustle. In the past month, you showed all of us what the power of hustle, optimism, and moxie can do for you, as long as you’re willing to do your part by fighting for your dream. There’s a huge lesson in all of this, and I’m eagerly going to be awaiting next Monday’s post to hear all about it!

    A sincere congrats to you, my friend! Cordelia Has Finally Called It Quits!

  • Janet

    about time and congrats 😀 way to go, panda!! 🙂

  • Melissa

    EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!

    I will now commence doing the happy dance of joy for you around my living room. 😀

  • Yay! CONGRATS!!!!!!!

  • Yes! Great news!

  • Meg B

    CONGRATS!!! You, Miss Cordelia (ahem, Kelly) deserve this wonderful, exciting, scary as hell but awesome day 🙂 So proud of you and for you!! Hopefully we can celebrate in person the next time Mel is in town 🙂

  • Wow! Congratulations!!

  • WOOHOO! Congrats! I need the courage to do this as well.

  • Regina

    What you pay attention to grows. The Universe acts like your magnet – bringing you all good things!
    So proud of you! Rock this life, warrior girl! You’ve got it figured out!
    Good LUCK!

  • Omar

    n_n I’m sooo happy for you, you just made my day 😀

    Congratulations! Let us know how it feels when you finally give the letter to your employer.

    IS it a 2 week notice? or how longer do you have to work there?

  • Debbie M

    Wow! Yea! And congratulations!

  • Terra O.

    Good for you. 🙂 I’d say “good luck,” but that might minimize the hard work you put in. So, continuing doing what you always do. It seems to work!

  • Denae

    Congratulations! I just recently discovered your blog and have been in the process of going back and reading all of your posts to catch up. THANK YOU for sharing your story! I am currently working a corporate job while trying to build a business on the side and it’s SO HELPFUL to hear about someone else’s journey through a similar situation. Congrats on your big Quit! I’m hoping mine comes soon as well! 🙂

  • Cordelia’s Mom

    Wow, I don’t know which impresses me more: the fact that you’ve succeeded in quitting the day job, or all the congratulations you’ve recevied from your readers. Way to go, lady!

  • Huzzah! Congratulations! More exclamation points!!!!! I know that you know it will not all be easy sailing, but life thus far has not been either. Now you are sailing for you and yours, and if you worked this hard already you know you can continue. And yes, the universe unfolds for those she deems worthy. You go girl.

  • Congratulations to you! I made the leap last Fall and I have never been happier. Everything will work out just fine!

  • mel

    dude. just, a million congrats. i can’t wait to hear where the journey takes you next.

  • JJamie

    Congratulations on finally Calling it Quits!! And good luck on whatever the next chapter brings!

  • Sarah Li Cain

    Good for you! And I agree, that determination will take you places. And stubbornness, lol.

  • Kevin Cole

    Congrats Kelly!!! Way to hustle! If anyone has earned that sweet feeling of quitting their job it is you!

  • Oh my god! Congratulations! I was wondering if this is what you were going to announce and I’m so happy that it is! Good for you!

  • Congrats, girl!

  • You rock! Keep moving in the direction of your dreams. I know you will because that is really all you can do. Awesomesauce!

  • Whoo-Hoo!!
    Congratulations, Kelly!

  • WOOO-freakin’-HOO!!! So happy for you, Miz Cordelia.

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  • Vitra

    Hi, I’m just coming across your awesome blog now and this post…but a belated Congrats. I did the same thing a few years ago as well, and you wouldn’t believe – it was the best decision I could have made, even though it didn’t feel like it at the time. Once I wasn’t stuck to a job I didn’t love, things started to fall into place with finding some passions and doing more things I enjoyed – like writing a book about it! Hope your time post-9 to 5 has been great 🙂

  • AshleyChristina

    Congrats Cordelia! I’m so proud of you! I’ve been slowly picking away at my own “make the leap from 9-to-5 to full time dream” process. It truly is a transformational journey and it makes me so happy to hear others succeeding in theirs. I’ve followed you on/off for awhile now and it’s been great seeing you grow! Your commitment, determination and passion surely serve you well!

    Congrats again girl! Keep doin’ what you love! 🙂