When I Say “Part,” You Say “Time”: Part (Time!) Part (Time!)

(alternately titled:  “Let’s Get It Started. (Huh!)  Let’s Get It Started in Here. (Ha!)”)


So, you may have already guessed by the title (since you’re all smart cookies), but this week begins my first week doing part-time at the day job!

Or should I say, the “second job,” because really now the freelancing is my main gig and the day job is just something I do a few days a week to earn some extra ke$h.

What to the WHAT?


How Things Are Gonna Roll From This Point Forward


1. Tuesdays and Fridays Are Now My “Freelance Days”

This isn’t to say I won’t still be doing a shit-ton of work in the evenings, on the weekends, and on my lunch break at the day second job, but Tuesdays and Fridays will the glorious Days On Which I Do Not Have to Leave the House or Change Out of My PJs.  (The affect this has on the amount of work one is able to do is really quite staggering.)

I already have trouble grasping when the weekend is and when weeks begin and end for normal people, so this is going to be a new level of the experience of time relativity.  Which I am actually quite excited for.  (“What?  It’s been a long week?  Oh, I never can tell anymore…I’m at work so sporadically!”) [Note:  I would never actually say this to someone, but hot damn I’ll have fun thinking it.]


2. I’ll Be Making an Extra Push to Get More Gigs Now That I’ve Got the Time to Attend to Them

There are actually lots of places that pay for good guest blogging.  I will be investigating those.  There are also plenty of reputable job boards like Problogger’s (note: not content mills) I’ve been neglecting lately.  I will be trolling those regularly and actually applying when I find something that looks good, instead of bookmarking it and then getting distracted by other things so my bookmarks are all expired by the time I get back to them.


3. You’ll Be Reading a Lot More From-the-Trenches Accounts of What It’s Like to Do This Thing

How I’m managing our budget.  How I’m managing my sanity.  How I’m taking an hour off at a coffee shop on a Tuesday afternoon because you know what?  If I’ve got the freedom to do it, so I am gonna do it, baby!  A player’s gotta live the dream.  YOLO, and all that…

I recall one of my favorite lines from Rent, the soundtrack of my Fight-the-Power teenage years:  “To riding your bike midday past the three-piece suits!”  Having no bike, I will not be doing this exactly, but I will be taking a few afternoons to sit at Spot Coffee and laugh at all the business people harriedly wolfing down their paninis while checking their cell phones and glaring at the sunshine they’ll soon be leaving.

And I will enjoy the hell out of it.

Then I will get back to hustling my little tail off.

This blog has always been about my journey to Call It Quits, but now things kick into high gear.  Now shit gets REAL, as we say on the streets. Glad as all get-out to have you all along for the journey.

Now buckle your seat belts, kiddies, ’cause it’s on!

Image: Grant Hutchinson / Flickr

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