When You Need It, It Will Come

Any writer knows the mysterious and miraculous process:

You have a big project to work on, and you don’t have the words.  It’s not even that you know what you want to say but aren’t sure how to say it; you don’t even know what the hell you want to be communicating.

Total and utter lockdown.  Petrification.  Dread.

So you obsessively think about it/try not to think about it on and off until the day comes when you have no choice but to sit down and face the blank screen.  You start typing a few random things.  Maybe even “I don’t even know what the hell I want to write here.  I suck.  This sucks.  Errrrrghh…”

Then, slowly, something happens.  A word, a phrase, an image pops into your head, and it somehow feels right.  So you follow it, typing things around it and through it and eventually crafting exactly what it was you didn’t realize you had to say all along.

You didn’t think you stood a chance.  But when you needed them, the words came after all.


Life is Like This

Maybe you’re not quite ready to make that big leap.  Maybe it’s almost go-time, but you’re not sure you have it in you.  Maybe you know what you want to do, but not how to do it—or maybe you have no idea what the hell you want to do, just that something needs to be done.

When you need it, it will come.

Decision.  Realization.  The strength and guts to see it through.

Inspiration sometimes happens in that “visited by the muses while washing the dishes” way, but most of the time, it doesn’t.  Most of the time, it’s a creeping, organic process of mulling things over, letting things figure themselves out, and being open and available to the best that might happen to you.  Most of the time, it’s a gradual culmination of everything you’ve ever thought and felt and experienced, and when you find yourself getting down to the wire, it rises up and comes to your aid.

When you need it—when it’s time to do or die, when the challenge is in front of you, when now is the time to prove yourself or back down—it will come.

As long as you believe it will.

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  • Agreed. Although I’ve yet to have life deliver me that magical moment when everything clicks or a great opportunity presents itself–and yes, I’m trying–I can totally relate to the writing thing (obviously.) Every time I publish a post I’m convinced it’s the last post I’ll ever write. After three years of blogging, I feel like I’ve said everything before and worry I’ve run out of things I can write. But then something will happen and “ding!” a new post. They’re not always stellar, but that feeling of “having” to write and getting the thoughts on the page in a creative way is pretty much worth (some of) the angst 😉

    • I feel the same way. Now that I’m doing paid blogging, many of my sites have topics that overlap each other. Every week, I’m faced with that moment of panic where it’s like, “Where on EARTH am I going to get ideas for all of these posts–AND for my regular CCIQ posts?” But somehow, topics always emerge. Just mining life for the things that are happening right now can keep things fresh and new–something you do quite well, might I add. 🙂

  • Man I needed this today. I have an article due to a local magazine TUH DAY but ummmmm, yeah. I JUST transcribed my interview notes yesterday. Here’s hoping this is a magic bit of inspiration.

    • It will be! Don’t ask me how (I will never figure it out), but somehow, it always works out.

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  • How cool! Thank you for letting me know!

    It’s true–the more you explore the world, the more you realize how alike we all really are, at root. Thank you so much for sharing this post!